Superman II

Published October 3, 2019

Superman II

Film info

  • Title Superman II
  • Director Richard Lester
  • Year 1980
  • Run time 2hrs 7m
  • Genres Action, Science Fiction, Adventure
  • Tagline The man of steel meets his match

On the verge of giving. up his powers for love, Superman (Reeve) is confronted by three super-criminals from his home planet who have escaped imprisonment and come to Earth with the same abilities as the man of steel. Imperious insurrectionist General Zod (Terence Stamp), seductive but sadistic Ursa (Sarah Douglas), and mute brute Non (Jack O'Halloran) challenge Superman to a cosmic battle for world supremacy - just as Superman and Lois Lane (Kidder) finally get romantically involved.

Live blog

Time Comment
1:03 I thought this planet blew up. Are we in for a ‘previously on’ here?
4:06 Having said that, it’d have been good if they’d told the story this quickly in the first one too.
8:37 Eight minutes! Needn’t have watched any of the last one at all!
11:12 Concorde! Didn’t know that flew to Metropolis.
14:44 What the bloody hell is she trying to do? How does she get into these scrapes?
18:12 “How do I get myself into this?” YOU CLIMBED ON THE ELEVATOR, NUMSKULL.
22:51 I do love Clark Kent though.
25:07 Why is EVERYONE shaving in the office?
33:14 They left the poor dummy behind.
38:19 Oh my god, she saw him without the magic glasses.
47:03 She’s properly insane. She’s gonna throw herself into the rapids for no actual reason.
54:15 Loving the lava lamp bedstead.
57:25 “Crude noisemaker.”
1:09:59 I don’t like this Zodd guy, taking credit for all three of them.
1:11:54 He obviously shouldn’t do that because the only reason she likes him is because he keeps saving her life.
1:13:56 Where did his clothes come from? How on earth are they gonna get home from the North Pole? So many questions!
1:16:13 White House Down.
1:23:49 He gave it up so easily, he really doesn’t deserve it back.
1:24:24 Also, how is it that it was so easy to get out but so hard to get back? They didn’t seem bothered when they arrived at the hot dog place.
1:40:37 Marlboro sponsorship! Swiftly followed by Coke!
1:49:43 This teleport and hologram business is new.
1:52:33 It clearly didn’t work, he hasn’t come out in civilian clothes.
1:55:00 I like the twist, but then why didn’t they come out in civvies?
1:58:45 Why can’t she just go out with Clark Kent? What’s the big deal?
2:00:03 Did he just steal her memories like the Doctor-Donna? Unbelievable!
2:01:51 The diner guy is definitely an asshole but Superman is kinda hustling him here.


So, I watched the first Superman movie a long, long time ago and quite liked it but a recent rewatch changed that opinion quite drastically. I was hoping the second one would make amends but it didn’t. If anything, it was worse.

It has two things going for it. The first is that Christopher Reeve does a great job with this character. Although the whole disguise business is laughable, he really does do his best to distinguish between the two, and I think he’s really charming and funny at times.

The other thing is that at least this time, the whole film was watchable (whereas the last one had a start and end that really ruined the much better middle). But it was so frustrating. There’s so much of it that doesn’t make sense, or just flies in the face of other things we know about Superman.

The more I think about it, the more annoying it is. Why does he just keep coming up with random superpowers the second he needs them, like mind-wiping? Why doesn’t he just mind-wipe other people, or why didn’t he mindwipe her straight away? What was that weird S-shaped frisbee thing he threw in the ice palace? Why didn’t the power-sapping thing have the same effect on the deadly trio as it did on Superman?

I don’t want to pick holes in the entire thing, much as that’s a pastime that’s entertaining me and Mr C at the moment. I know from further research that it’s a movie that had a super stressful origin story of its own, but I just did not like it. The real concern is this is probably one of the worst films I’ve seen, and yet apparently it is the fourth movie in the series that is genuinely considered one of the worst of all time. Eeek.

Rating: 1 / 5

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