Camp Rock

Published August 16, 2019

Camp Rock

Film info

  • Title Camp Rock
  • Director Matthew Diamond
  • Year 2008
  • Run time 1hr 34m
  • Genres Comedy, Music, Family, Drama
  • Tagline Don't fit in, stand out

This summer is gonna Rock! Get ready to sing and dance like never before with the electrifying Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock! When Mitchie gets a chance to attend Camp Rock, her life takes an unpredictable twist, and she learns just how important it is to be true to yourself. Join the platinum-selling Jonas Brothers and the hottest cast of performers at the coolest summer camp anywhere!

Live blog

Time Comment
1:00 Was just dissing the other Jonas brothers for not being in it and up they pop in the credits!
2:01 Connect 3!
3:25 They teach Mandarin at this school?
6:32 “When the music calls, you’ve got to answer.”
8:15 I’m exhausted by Camp Rock already.
9:08 The Jonas’ are SO TINY!
12:13 “I showered in cold water, I looked at a tree.” This guy gets camping like I get camping.
13:54 It’s like Cinderella - who was the mysterious girl who has disappeared?
22:34 No one actually sleeps with their two hands up by their face.
28:39 How is having flour all over your face better?
34:01 “From Jessica and Nick pre-break up…’ WHAT A REFERENCE to casually drop in like that.
38:45 The friend is way wise but not being clear enough. Stop chatting about like Yoda and give actual advice.
39:55 “My spaghetti slipped.”
42:24 This is a great song, why can’t the Joni sing like this instead of falsetto nonsense?
56:16 She told him that she never lies but she has done nothing but lie this entire movie.
59:45 Is this real Jonas music? Because it’s VERY Busted.
1:04:18 The British camp leader guy is the best.
1:12:04 I am not on board with mate-ettes.
1:14:09 I am upset by the sheer volume of Jams.
1:24:03 I don’t get why there are only 2+1 performances. What have all the other idiots been doing?
1:32:57 “The louder we go, the better we sound.”


I loved this and I’m not ashamed of it - it’s exactly what you think it’s going to be. A group of Disney teens running around singing, dancing and getting into scrapes both romantic and otherwise.

It took a minute or two to adjust to seeing all the baby-faces, and let’s be honest there are a lot of flaws in the way the story comes together. But it’s fun, and it’s musical, and everyone is friends by the end of it. What’s not to like?

Also, finally know who the third Jonas brother is now.

Rating: 4 / 5

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