Christmas Inheritance

Published December 6, 2018

Christmas Inheritance

Film info

  • Title Christmas Inheritance
  • Director Ernie Barbarash
  • Year 2017
  • Run time 1hr 44m
  • Genres Romance, Drama
  • Tagline This Christmas discovering where you belong is the greatest gift

To inherit her father's company, socialite Ellen must first visit his small hometown, where she learns the value of hard work and helping others.

Live blog

Time Comment
4:24 - She so would have stuck the landing if that woman hadn’t shouted her name right at that second. She cost the kids the toys!
9:17 - Wow, loving the fridge of just lemon and water. How is that possible?
10:49 - The real question is why the boyfriend is so dead against it?
12:35 - I already have coat envy.
17:11 - “We’re not so good on cell reception, either.” ARGH.
20:43 - Swirly cookie looks more like a Belgian bun.
26:10 - She’s not great at hiding who she is. Really not.
28:19 - Jukeboxes don’t work by punching them.
37:28 - Who cleans in high heel shoes? I mean, really.
47:01 - Aww, people doing nice things. Tears already.
55:22 - Help allll the people.
56:41 - “We had to talk about something while the cookies were baking.” Good excuse.
58:23 - “My buddy Martin teaches sculpture at the college so…” WAIT WHAT???
1:02:31 - Did she go to sleep at all? It’s making me tired watching her.
1:07:09 - How does one get into the gift baking business?
1:18:59 - Coveting a bear in a Christmas suit now.
1:25:43 - I need the two separate oven mitts.
1:29:44 - What did she ever actually see in this guy though? He’s an asshole!


We watched this film last year, one of those that we put on the TV as background noise and ended up for the most part just sitting and watching. So this Christmas, we made it an official Film Watch entry, and loved it all over again!

It’s just a nice, warm-hearted movie, with lots of nice people doing nice things (except the boyfriend), and learning lessons along the way.

God bless them all!

Rating: 5/5.

Rating: 5 / 5

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