Published January 18, 2018


Film info

  • Title Twister
  • Director Jan de Bont
  • Year 1996
  • Run time 1hr 53m
  • Genres Action, Drama, Adventure
  • Tagline The dark side of nature

Academy Award® winner Helen Hunt stars as the leader of a rag-tag band of tornado chasers on a perilous quest to test a new sensor device. Bill Paxton plays her fellow scientist and estranged husband who unwittingly joins her crew on this meteorologically active day. Perhaps they can make amends and salvage their marriage, but only if they can survive--the twisters. State-of-the-art special effects stir up this gripping, smash-hit action-adventure directed by the master of action himself--Jan de Bont.

Live blog

Time Comment
2:09 - Gosh that is a scary amount of lightning.
5:01 - Holy moly. What a start to a film.
8:16 - “Manly handshake ensues.”
12:35 - He so does have a problem being a weatherman.
16:12 - That laptop is huuuuuge.
24:08 - Billy the storm whisperer is fun.
27:58 - I really like her.
36:61 - When you call it a battle zone, you really do need to think twice about what you’re doing.
40:43 - The music is quite like Speed, it’s confusing me.
43:26 - Awww, the cow!
44:30 - “When you told me you used to chase tornados, deep down I thought it was a metaphor.”
55:04 - Seems like the more humane thing to do would be to leave Melissa with the aunt.
58:58 - That is some evil hail.
1:13:31 - Always need to know where your nearest underground is!
1:23:59 - She’s gonna be so determined now, to throw them balls in the air.
1:31:26 - “Did you see that explosion?” Ha, yea, caused it.
1:33:24 - But why isn’t he listening??? He knows he’s the storm whisperer, he copied him before.


Oof, loved it! How have I not seen this before? So many elements add up to making this a Christine-favourite film. Jan de Bont of Speed fame. Written by the amazing Michael Crichton. Incredible cast (that we spent the entire time going ’that’s the one from this film… but younger.’) and most of all a great story.

I thought the special effects stood up pretty well, there were just a couple of rogue twisters that were a little fake here and there, and the flying cow was a bit wobbly. But all I ask from CGI is consistency, and I thought it was solid on that front.

I couldn’t see how there could be a whole story out of slightly crazy people chasing after storms, but this had it all - drama, action, intrigue, so much tension, and just a little bit of destruction as well. Fabulous.

Rating: 5/5.

Rating: 5 / 5

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