The Wolf of Wall Street

Published February 11, 2017

The Wolf of Wall Street

Film info

  • Title The Wolf of Wall Street
  • Director Martin Scorsese
  • Year 2013
  • Run time 3hrs
  • Genres Comedy, Drama, Crime
  • Tagline Earn. Spend. Party.

Revered filmmaker Martin Scorsese directs the true story of New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio). From the American dream to corporate greed, Belfort goes from penny stocks and righteousness to IPOs and a life of corruption in the late 80s. Excess success and affluence in his early twenties as founder of the brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont warranted Belfort the title – The Wolf of Wall Street. Money. Power. Women. Drugs. Temptations were for the taking and the threat of authority was irrelevant. For Jordan and his wolf pack, modesty was quickly deemed overrated and more was never enough.

Live blog

Time Comment
1:24 – Thought that lion was an ident!
4:01 – Eek, the helicopter thing. No one should let him pilot in that state.
5:10 – Nope, doesn’t matter how much you earn, there’s never a need to throw money away.
9:54 – Ogling the collection of different wine glasses on the table.
19:11 – “”Sort of.” That is not the answer your want to “Is this regulated?’
26:09 – Jonah’s teeth are freaking me out a bit.
30:52 – “Give them to me young, hungry and stupid, and in time, I’ll make them rich.”
36:47 – This film doesn’t seem to be improving the perception of stock brokers.
40:41 – “Takes from the rich and gives to himself.”
43:44 – The dad is the best! Fake British accent on the phone.
51:07 – Does that happen? The stock brokers convince the companies to do an IPO?
1:03:34 – I’m worrying about the practicalities of curtains for an apartment with so many windows like that.
1:08:37 - $2 million for one weekend? WTF WTF WTF.
1:10:05 – Aunt Elma is amazing!
1:19:35 – Aw, I feel bad for the guy. Bow ties are cool, aren’t they?
1:27:44 – But if you know you’re doing illegal things, you can’t be surprised when the FBI catch up with you.
1:41:26 – My god, there’s no dignity in drugs.
1:58:19 – I wouldn’t have a clue where my nearest public phone is these days.
2:06:26 – Omg, Popeye is actually about drugs.
2:10:04 – Jon Favreau is like bonus Jon Favreau in this. Not in it much but kinda awesome when he is.
2:14:43 – Why didn’t we get to SEE that nice act though? All we’ve seen is him being a git.
2:23:36 – I like when he gets stressed he speaks French instead.
2:37:34 – Oof, doing deals is hard. Wearing a wire? Oof.
2:43:38 – Interesting he only picked up one child.


Well. My overall impression following that is: What on earth is all the fuss about?

I can see the moments of brilliance in there: Leonardo is, of course, excellent. It never really felt like a three hour film which is impressive because I do get antsy the longer movies go on. Some good comedy moments, and some shocking ones as well.

But all of that was overshadowed by the fact that almost everyone in it was horrible, I couldn’t care less about the heavy drug scene they were all into, and oof, overload of orgy scenes or what. The pacing was weird, some of the editing was dodgy (read that Scorsese did on-drugs scenes weird on purpose, but even the sober scenes were edited badly), and it felt like it couldn’t decide what it wanted to be.

Watchable, I guess, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone and I think most people involved have done far better work elsewhere.

Rating: 2/5

Rating: 2 / 5

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