The Full Monty

Published January 15, 2015

The Full Monty

Film info

  • Title The Full Monty
  • Director Peter Cattaneo
  • Year 1997
  • Run time 1hr 31m
  • Genre Comedy
  • Tagline The year's most revealing comedy

Six unemployed men, inspired by a touring group of male strippers, decide they can make a small fortune by putting on a striptease show of their own - with one small difference. They intend to go the 'full monty' and strip completely naked! In this hilarious, heartfelt comedy, these six friends discover the inner strength to bare it all in front of the world. Featuring the music of Donna Summer, Gary Glitter, Sister Sledge and Tom Jones.

Live blog

Time Comment
1:10 Love ye olde newsreader style voice.
3:42 “Can’t we do normal things sometimes?”
6:20 A bonus to being the bigger man, can’t fit through the window and get into trouble.
9:44 Grumpy kid going to school with a hangover.
11:15 Odd to see him smoking, let alone in a no-smoking zone.
11:51 “Yea, well, a lot. A very lot.”
14:10 It is a nice house, she has.
14:55 Pause in the middle of a run to have a smoke. Counter-intuitive.
20:54 Burnt a hole in his t-shirt. Haha.
23:25 “Park your sequins over here.”
27:35 Love how much emotion he can put in the word ‘spending.’
31:03 Heheh, Les Battersby.
39:19 And still we haven’t watched Flashdance.
43:13 Did he just say us-selves?
48:08 “Oh, I’m not sure I’m hearing this.”
56:22 He found a phone box with a phone in it. Madness.
1:03:17 Love that Hugo Speer’s character is enjoying it far too much.
1:15:59 Just realised the “buying all the newspapers” trick doesn’t work on the interwebs.
1:21:59 That’s a heck of a full house.


I love this. I used to watch it as one of those “in the background” movies, but hadn’t seen it for a really long time. I’d forgotten quite why I liked it. At first, having immersed ourselves quite so much in Hollywood, I was a bit boggled at how this film ever got off the ground - such strong accents and mumbling style of talking. But you soon get used to it, and it really grows on you.

It’s subtle but gradually you start rooting for these guys, so that by the end, even though he’s not the best dad and he has screwed up a lot of things, you just want Gary to get up on stage and make it work. Fantastic soundtrack, great characters, lots of quotable lines, and you’re left with a lovely warm feeling. What’s not to like?

Rating: 5/5.

Rating: 5 / 5

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