Notting Hill

Published October 21, 2014

Notting Hill

Film info

  • Title Notting Hill
  • Director Roger Michell
  • Year 1999
  • Run time 2hrs 4m
  • Genres Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Tagline Can the most famous film star in the world fall for the man on the street?

Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) is the world's most famous movie star. William Thacker (Hugh Grant) owns a travel bookstore in the quaint neighbourhood of Notting Hill. When their paths cross, the couple comes to face the ultimate question: can two people fall in love with the whole world watching?

Live blog

Time Comment
1:23 Seems fun for Julia Roberts to play an actress. Quite the stretch for her!
5:10 Got to love Spike.
7:31 It’s like Black Books within a film.
9:00 “Tempting, but no.”
16:04 Do you get to that if you’re a movie star? Just kiss random strangers.
18:48 I think fabulous is one of those words that doesn’t need a qualifier. Fairly fabulous indeed.
23:24 Breathing smoke into your goggles just seems like a bad idea all round.
27:23 Argh, the awkward. Asking questions about a film you’ve not seen.
35:28 Love crazy Emma Chambers. I’d forgotten about her.
38:25 He’s being terribly un-British and talking about money!
39:43 Ah Ronan’s highest career moment.
47:26 “Oops-a-daisies.”
50:57 He’s the worst roommate in the world!
1:03:58 He does have excellent family and friends.
1:08:28 “This is the place to be.” Just the absolute perfect thing to say.
1:15:21 It must be exhausting living in a house with all those stairs.
1:23:55 I don’t think chicks love grey.
1:30:25 Adore that montage of time passing.
1:44:10 People keep saying they are huge fans of hers after getting it wrong!
1:53:06 Blockbuster reference definitely dates the film.
2:00:39 Yay, Shania song over the end credits.


What’s not to love about Notting Hill? Guy meets girl, girl is actually very famous, chaos ensues, guy and girl eventually end up together. It’s full of all the classic Richard Curtis things, but done well for those looking for a warm and fuzzy couple of hours.

It’s not just the main story though, Hugh Grant could play this role with his eyes closed and as I said in the notes above, Julia Roberts playing a movie star can’t be a stretch for her. It’s the surrounding cast that make the film what it is. Hugh’s crazy family, and Julia’s mad world of press junkets and period drama movies.

Love it.

Rating: 5/5.

Rating: 5 / 5

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