Life of Crime

Published October 17, 2014

Life of Crime

Film info

  • Title Life of Crime
  • Director Daniel Schechter
  • Year 2013
  • Run time 1hr 38m
  • Genres Crime, Comedy
  • Tagline Right target, wrong woman

Jennifer Aniston stars in Life of Crime, a hilarious crime caper based on the book by legendary author Elmore Leonard. She plays Mickey, the wife of a wealthy property magnate who is kidnaped by two small-time crooks in the hope of extorting a ransom fee. However, her husband is in the Bahamas with his mistress, has just filed for divorce and would prefer to never see Mickey again! Now, with the help of a seriously ticked off housewife, the crooks switch to plan B, sparking a bizarre series of twists, turns and double-crosses as they set out to take him for everything he's got.

Live blog

Time Comment
1:57 Doh, another 70s film. At least its late in the decade this time.
4:46 Is running someone over twice the payment for stealing $30? Crikey!
9:24 Mm, scarves. I should wear more scarves.
10:34 That guy looks like Biff, in the tracksuit with the hair slicked back.
12:39 Those glasses are terrible. I hate the seventies!
22:29 I know he’s her friend, but he he just waltzed into her house without knocking.
28:39 Whenever I see anyone beating a car, I think John Cleese.
37:15 “So now, we waiting on the 11 o’clock news.” Before the days of Twitter.
44:56 Heh, his gaffa tape got stuck.
49:33 Love that she calls him marshmallow. I wish I knew someone called Marshal.
52:54 Isla is one of my favourites.
58:20 Shootout in the suburbia street is not subtle!
1:09:36 Seventies wallpaper is the worst.
1:11:29 Why does no one ever notice when someone walks through their industrial kitchen?
1:15:18 Woah, that’s some really bad green screen.
1:18:19 “Well, the bad news isn’t that bad, and the good isn’t sensational.”
1:26:37 Oh my word. You can’t talk yourself out of not trying to get your wife away from kidnappers.
1:31:32 “Thought I’d stop by and say hi to the old gang.”


Was in two minds about this one. We were keen to watch as it is part of Curzon’s new “in cinemas and available to rent at the same time” initiative, which we wholeheartedly support. It’s also got Jennifer Aniston in, which should be a good thing, but overall it looked a bit arty and that made me worried.

It didn’t take long into it before I was disgusted by the 1970s fashion, and they pretty much ruined Aniston with some hideous glasses. I had to put that to one side to focus on the story but it was a hard thing to say.

It was a great tale, twists and turns, particularly at the end which I didn’t see coming at all. I loved Isla’s hideous but practical character and John Hawkes made a great likeable but not-to-be-trifled with rogue. Surprisingly good stuff!

Rating: 4/5.

Rating: 4 / 5

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