Saving Mr Banks

Published April 1, 2014

Saving Mr Banks

Film info

  • Title Saving Mr Banks
  • Director John Lee Hancock
  • Year 2013
  • Run time 2hrs 5m
  • Genres Drama, History, Comedy
  • Tagline Where her book ended, their story began

Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson bring to life the untold true story about the origins of one of the most treasured Disney classics of all time. Determined to fulfil a promise to his daughters, Walt Disney tries for 20 years to obtain the rights to author P. L. Travers' beloved book. Armed with his iconic creative vision, Walt pulls out all the stops, but he uncompromising Travers won't budge.

Live blog

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2:11 Those terraced London houses with the steps always make me think of Oliver.
3:39 Mary Poppins definitely twinkles. Everything she was afraid of comes true!
7:23 “Will the child be a nuisance?” Is it wrong that I totally love her?
11:24 You have to be a special kind of genius to be quite so prickly in life.
15:29 Walt Disney and subtlety surely not in the same universe?
17:27 “Sad is entirely the wrong emotion.”
19:41 Three wheel golf buggy doesn’t look so safe!
24:15 I love the word giddy.
26:51 Love the concept of recording all the conversations, and that’s why this film exists. Everything should be recorded, always!
32:28 I love the chauffeur too.
35:42 Robert went rogue, had to go outside.
47:50 Ooh, whimsy. I forgot about that word, too.
55:07 Mr Disney’s seal of approval: “That’ll work.”
1:02:39 Ye Olde Australia is very dusty.
1:16:34 That lake stuff, haunting, beautiful, terrible!
1:22:46 “Get on the horse, Pamela.”
1:28:59 Let us go and fly a kite.
1:34:33 I like Ralph too.
1:39:53 Walt Disney jumped on a plane and flew to England. He was so serious about making this film!
1:45:43 When Tom Hanks starts a sentence going “Life is…” you only think one thing, no matter what he’s actually going to say.


I somehow managed to watch the documentary with Victoria Coren before I saw the film, but it barely spoiled anything and I was still eager to watch. I have Film WatchedMary Poppins and although I wouldn’t say I massively love it anymore, it does still hold a special place in my heart. Mr C, meanwhile, has never seen it, although is aware of some of the larger concepts, like Supercali… etc.

That being the case, he missed out on a lot of the subtle things, like the tapping of the foot, and the dialogue that was cut and pasted from the film (or vice versa?) Spit spot, and all that.

I found the film to be hugely entertaining, and really quite emotional. It was the kindness I found incredible, the chauffeur being so cheerful despite a difficult life and a very tricksy passenger. With Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson it would have been hard for this film to go wrong, and thankfully it didn’t. There was a brief point about two thirds of the way through where I thought, what else can possibly happen, surely this film is too long? But then I was sucked up into the ending and it felt like it was over too soon.

Rating: 5/5

Rating: 5 / 5

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