This is the End

Published November 18, 2013

This is the End

Film info

  • Title This is the End
  • Directors Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogan
  • Year 2013
  • Run time 1hr 47m
  • Genres Comedy, Action
  • Tagline Nothing ruins a party like the end of the world

While attending a party at James Franco's house, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel and many other celebrities are faced with the apocalypse.

Live Blog

Time Comment
2:57 “Gluten is a vague term.”
4:43 Chooooon! Any film with bonus Backstreet is good.
6:48 It’s spicious!
8:45 Probably best not to spend the entire time writing: “it’s so and so!”
9:17 “Your references are out of control.”
17:45 Love the concept of them rushing back in to the people still partying, oblivious.
21:03 “It’s too late for you, you’re already in the hole.”
24:57 That’s the list of actors - George Clooney, Sandra Bullock, Jonah Hill. End.
31:09 “You think it’s Skynet? The Skynet went live?”
32:25 Spooning, otherwise known as docking.
39:08 I don’t know Danny McBride.
39:22 Also ‘disaster lockdown’ could be the name of a new movie.
41:16 “I’m straight-up loveable, son.”
45:09 Lovely Emma Watson. Hermione survived!
53:07 Note to self: never say ’throw me the knife."
58:33 He actually said: “I loosened it!” Amazing.
1:04:36 Duplicitous is a brilliant word.
1:06:34 “Dear God… it’s me, Jonah Hill, from Moneyball.”
1:13:03 How can they have not eaten the Milky Way yet??
1:18:46 I just don’t see how any of them can survive this!
1:19:35 Cray-cray.
1:24:56 Possessed Jonah Hill is brilliant.
1:29:34 “I thought we would be raptured already.”
1:37:14 Aww, Whitney.


We wanted to watch this one anticipating it wouldn’t be that great but had a huge cast so was worth a peek. From the trailer, I loved the line “It’s too late for you, you’re already in the hole.” So I figured it might be funny in places. Then a friend at work recommended it, saying it was brilliant, so we moved it up the list.

This is the End gave us the same reaction as This is 40 (maybe something to do with having ’this is’ in the title?) because it was both brilliant and awful in equal measure. The moments that were genius were absolutely fantastic - in particular, possessed Jonah Hill, the fight about the Milky Way, Jonah Hill praying, sinkhole-de-mayo, anything Jonah Hill did really. But they were littered in what was quite a long film for not much story, a whole heap of self-indulgent talk and references that we didn’t get, and a few gross moments I wasn’t so keen on.

It’s the kind of film I wouldn’t recommend to someone (although I’m glad my work friend did) because you just can’t guarantee a good experience. With This is 40, we knew the top bits were a 5/5 and the worst bits were 1/5 and so I settled on a 2. Here, I think there were more good bits, and overall it was somewhere near a 4 - until the final scene. If anything is going to rock a film up to 5, it’s a surprise appearance from the Backstreet Boys.

**Rating: **5/5

Rating: 5 / 5

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