Published December 29, 2012


Film info

  • Title Heat
  • Director Michael Mann
  • Year 1995
  • Run time 2hrs 50m
  • Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime, Action
  • Tagline A Los Angeles crime saga

Academy Award-winners Robert DeNiro ('Showtime,' 'Analyze This') and Al Pacino ('Insomnia,' 'Any Given Sunday') -- together for the first time since 'The Godfather Part II' -- head a stellar cast in this taut psychological drama about an obsessive detective and a brilliant thief whose fates are linked in the aftermath of a high-stakes securities heist.

Live Blog

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2:07 There’s a lot of famous people in this. And William Fichtner, the guy who is in everything!
5:47 Baby Portman!
10:57 The people that drive these things should get epic danger money.
17:27 “MO is that they’re good.”
25:38 Bookstore is a good place to hide out/meet, I reckon.
30:01 His chat up line features iridescent algae.
40:09 It’s an incredible apartment that he has, but I think I would need some soundproofing. The ocean noise is okay for a while, but you’d need some peace occasionally.
51:56 Jeez, they weren’t very inconspicuous, shooting up the whole drive-through.
54:03 Is he going to get attached and go against his own rule? I think so.
1:03:52 I don’t know, if it was me I don’t think I’d want to hear about the microwaved kid.
1:06:54 “The last thing I am is married.”
1:12:23 Infrared De Niro stare is terrifying.
1:22:20 Clever gang, clever policeman, this is quite the head to head.
1:29:59 Regular type life = barbecues and ball games. I don’t have one of those.
1:35:09 Captivating. Just two guys talking, but captivating.
1:44:05 It’s nice that he thought of those with heart trouble (!)
1:50:42 I just don’t buy they would have such a massive shootout in the street like this!
1:53:36 Pacino is a good shot though.
2:04:52 He doesn’t know all that would happen to Dominic. Quite the projection.
2:11:58 Poor Ralph!
2:25:22 This guy is having a really bad day. Friend got shot, wife cheating, step-daughter tries to kill herself…
2:35:31 She’s probably the only sympathetic character in this whole thing. Slightly unwilling girlfriend.
2:42:29 Do landing lights go on and off like that? I just assumed they were on all the time.


This is one I’d never heard of, naturally, but Mr C was very keen on. He recently bought it on iTunes because it appeared in HD, and luckily, we had the festive holidays to watch - it takes a certain amount of free time to watch a film that is almost three hours long!

I have to tread a bit carefully, as Mr C was ready to put this in his top whatever films of all time. I did like it, it’s good when a film has the space to breathe, and I really thought that scene in the diner was amazing. I just have this problem with films where I can’t really work out who I’m rooting for. I guess you’re meant to get behind Pacino, but he wasn’t exactly that friendly either. Perhaps it doesn’t matter, it’s just something I struggle with. Otherwise, I enjoyed it, even if it was a bit long!

**Rating: **4/5

Rating: 4 / 5

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