The Amazing Spider-Man

Published November 20, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man

Film info

  • Title The Amazing Spider-Man
  • Director Marc Webb
  • Year 2012
  • Run time 2hrs 16m
  • Genres Action, Fantasy, Adventure
  • Tagline The untold story begins

Teenage social outcast Peter (Andrew Garfield) spends his days trying to unravel the mystery of his own past and win the heart of his high school crush, Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). A mysterious briefcase belonging to his father, who abandoned him when he was a child, leads Peter to his dad’s former partner, Dr. Connors. The discovery of his father's secret will ultimately shape his destiny of becoming Spider-Man and bring him face to face with Connors' villainous alter ego, the Lizard.

Live Blog

Time Comment
0:50 We’re hoping for shorter credits.
1:01 Woo!
5:29 He does teenager better than Maguire.
11:58 The trouble with this part of the film is, I’m just waiting for a spider to jump out.
14:04 Spiderman’s search engine of choice: Bing!
16:16 Poor Rodriguo.
21:46 There are the spiders. Ah ha.
25:54 “Nobody likes your meatloaf.”
28:26 I don’t think WebMD is going to have the answer to this one.
30:18 When someone reads your book and says: “It’s something.” That’s probably not a compliment.
35:01 He may need to go some way to controlling his powers.
43:01 Does that count as rage? I think if you shatter a glass door, you’ve got some anger issues.
45:24 Well, we saw that. They can’t make another film where they pretend it was some other guy the whole time.
53:17 I like that this Spiderman is a bit more into designing his own gadgety goodness.
57:30 “No one seems to grasp the concept of the mask.”
59:52 There’s nothing like a boiling kettle to interrupt an argument.
1:04:40 “Your doorman is intimidating.” Bless!
1:16:46 At which point in the rescue did he manage to seamlessly get his mask off teh kid and put it back on?
1:18:55 I very much enjoy the fact she knows straight away and we don’t have to go through all that.
1:24:57 Someone would surely notice the sudden infestation of lizards.
1:30:48 Bug boy.
1:37:22 “I’m gonna throw you out the window now.”
1:42:54 She’s quite awesome.
1:44:53 I don’t get how his mask looks so seamless but comes on and off really easily.
1:50:55 That is so cool.
2:00:29 I hope she doesn’t get the rage like the other guy did when his dad died.
2:07:55 Britney smile.


We were both quite excited about this one, purposefully going through the previous trilogy so that we were in the right sort of mindset for a world of men and spiders. Of course, as it turns out, those films were pretty rubbish so that made us even more keen to see what was going on in this version.

I don’t want to overstate it, I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I think I’ve figured out that this was roughly 3 million times better than the Sam Raimi movies, from the very beginning when it didn’t have several minutes worth of opening credits. I loved Garfield and Stone, their teenage angst rather than star-crossed lovers nonsense. I thought the biting story was done better, whilst his discovery and testing out of powers seemed more realistic. The demise of Uncle Ben was even more poignant than first time round, and left unresolved. It was all just much better, and really very, very good.

**Rating: **5/5

Rating: 5 / 5

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