The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists

Published October 14, 2012

The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists

Film info

  • Title The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists
  • Directors Peter Lord, Jeff Newitt
  • Year 2012
  • Run time 1hr 28m
  • Genres Comedy, Animation, Adventure, Family
  • Tagline It's a plunderful life

Set sail for a fun-filled voyage and hilarious pirate antics with the biggest Band of Misfits on the seven seas! When the infamous Pirate Captain (Hugh Grant) is shunned once again by his rivals Black Bellamy and Cutlass Liz, he sets his sights to win the coveted Pirate of the Year Award! With his trusted dodo Polly and rag-tag crew at his side, the Pirate Captain will need to battle a diabolical Queen, save a young scientist and never lose sight of what a pirate loves best: Adventure!

Live Blog

Time Comment
1:19 Is the Queen going to eat that whole pig to herself?
2:53 I love the idea of beating someone up with a lobster.
3:44 Puffer fishes!
6:20 That was an actual “Oooh, maths!”
8:20 That was like a handbrake turn, but in a pirate ship.
9:53 Quite a lot of these characters look just like the actors that are voicing them! Martin Freeman, in particular.
13:27 “Places to pillage, people to skewer.”
14:18 Big boned parrot!
16:08 This makes me want to watch Hornblower again.
17:04 That would be an epic field trip, geography or otherwise!
19:44 PIrates in an adventure with Librarians not coming to a cinema near you soon then.
20:50 David Tennant’s animation not so much like him.
24:27 A dodo for a parrot, eh? That is big-boned.
26:01 A conversation about whether pigs are a type of fruit sounds like something I could get involved with.
27:27 The water is awesome, animated, CGI, whatever.
31:50 This is relentless. Funny after funny.
34:52 Bubbles never seem quite right in plasticine though.
38:04 Their masters of disguise act is brilliant.
41:22 “This is our most educational adventure… ever!”
42:53 You can’t call Charles Darwin, Chuck!
47:01 I love a stroppy executioner.
49:13 I really thought he was going to compare shark and boy then. I would have died.
51:48 A lift in a castle is genius.
55:38 Aw, he’s missing Ham Nite!
58:36 Four-way split screen!
1:01:13 Getting banished from a pirate convention must be about the lowest of the low.
1:03:27 Saying argh at the end of a sentence does make it all alright, no?
1:06:09 Panda fritters! I will never forgive Queen Victoria.
1:06:53 “It’s only impossible if you stop to think about it.”
1:10:51 Save the panda!
1:17:12 I feel stupid for not knowing what baking soda and vinegar does. Something foamy, clearly.
1:19:36 I want a dodo.


The title of this puts me off, because there’s punctuation right in the middle of it. Argh! I wasn’t convinced this would be great, but I wanted to support the Aardman cause, I thought it would be interesting to see Hugh Grant take a main voice role, and the trailer was fun enough.

It was amazing! It took, maybe, one minute and then the jokes and one-liners came pouring out and we essentially didn’t stop laughing for the entire 90 minutes. There was so much packed into such a short film, it’s going to take at least a couple of repeat viewings to pick up on all the good stuff. There were so many good lines that I can only remember one of them! “I don’t like the monkey!”

It was also fun guessing some of the many famous voices on display. Ashley Jensen in particular, we knew it but couldn’t get it. Argh!

Amazing, and highly recommended.

**Rating: **5/5

Rating: 5 / 5

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