Published August 1, 2011


Film info

  • Title Unknown
  • Director Jaume Collet-Serra
  • Year 2011
  • Run time 1hr 43m
  • Genres Thriller, Action, Mystery
  • Tagline Take back your life

A man claiming to be Dr Martin Harris awakes in Berlin hospital with severe head injuries and very little knowledge as to how he got there. The doctors inform him that he has been in a coma for four days after surviving a near fatal car crash. Attempting to piece together the incidents leading up to the accident, he discovers that his wife no longer recognises him and another man has assumed his identity. Now the only thing standing in the way of him and the truth is a deadly team of trained assassins who will stop at nothing to have him killed. It’s time for Dr Harris to face his identity, his sanity and take back his life… by force.

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0:58 Panda Productions? Tell me more!
2:02 It’s hard not to think of her as Betty Draper, and I’ve only seen one series of Mad Men.
3:28 They left one behind!
5:28 They seem very comfortable in the country, considering it is their first time.
6:23 He didn’t even tell her he was going back for it?
9:33 You sort of know he’s not dead. There’s plenty more action to come yet.
15:23 He underestimates his wife if he’s so sure she’d be terrified without him.
21:46 Ooh, I wonder why they are doing this? Massive conspiracy to pull off.
26:19 He thinks he’s being followed, so the plan is to go into a subway? Crazy.
28:36 Also, if you are questioning who you are, don’t spend too long staring into a mirror.
31:48 You can just walk into a science research place like that?
33:29 Wowsers, now they’re talking at the same time, like in Doctor Who!
45:11 “I need you to help me prove I’m me.”
48:55 Where do I know her from? It’s annoying! (National Treasure!)
55:46 The ladder thing! That’s awesome.
57:11 He’s no Bourne, this assassin chap.
1:01:59 He’s not having a lot of luck in cars in Berlin.
1:09:20 Great example of the hunter becoming the hunted.
1:13:18 How she reacted makes no sense. Don’t trust her!
1:19:41 Wow. That’s quite the sacrifice.
1:21:26 That’s a good feeling, now he knows he’s not going crazy.
1:25:11 Whenever anyone is driving crazily, Mr C says: “They drive like you!” Rude.
1:27:57 That would explain why they were saying the same thing at the same time. Not aliens.
1:29:11 He doesn’t fight like a trained assassin.
1:32:57 Curious that getting a bump on the head can fundamentally change you - he obviously didn’t have a problem with what he was doing before.
1:38:43 That’s one problem with USB drives getting so small.
1:42:37 Well… it won’t matter if her face is remembered with the explosion now.
1:43:53 They look like zombies in that light and dust.


Hadn’t heard of this one until it appeared in the iTunes movie rentals list. Looked good, although I’m not sure how much of a fan I am of Liam Neeson. I really only became aware of him for The A Team, and of course, Love Actually, which were both ace, but also Batman Begins, in which he was not quite so good.

At first, I liked it. Interesting direction, intriguing story, mostly good acting. Sadly, it all went a bit Bourne. There was a lot that didn’t make sense, a lot of plot holes that were hard to suspend my belief on. It was trying to be Bourne but it wasn’t good enough to make it. When it wasn’t trying to be Bourne, there were a whole heap of cliches involved.

It wasn’t all bad, an interesting ride, there were some great stunts, and I really loved Diane Kruger throughout. However, overall I was just left a little bit disappointed.

Rating: 3/5

Rating: 3 / 5

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