The Santa Clause 2

Published December 8, 2022

The Santa Clause 2

Film info

  • Title The Santa Clause 2
  • Director Michael Lembeck
  • Year 2002
  • Run time 1hr 44m
  • Genres Fantasy, Comedy, Family
  • Tagline What's Christmas fun without some reindeer games?

Scott Calvin has been Santa Claus for the past eight years, and his loyal elves consider him the best one ever. But Scott's got problems. His son Charlie has landed on this year's 'naughty list', and if Scott doesn't marrt by Christmas Eve - one very, very short month away - he'll stop being Santa forever. Embracing Christmas and the magic of family with heart, warmth, fun, and charm, Santa Clause 2 is classic holiday entertainment everybody will enjoy again and again.

Live blog

Time Comment
3:17 “Take us to Elf-Con 3!”
7:01 I want to read the santa handbook.
14:24 “It’s Charlie.” “Sheen? I thought he straightened out.”
18:30 Captain Floss!
25:16 The toy version of Santa is really so very Buzz Lightyear.
26:40 The reindeers talk now?
34:40 I love Judge Reinhold.
45:52 If nothing else, the graffitti is showing some great artistic talent.
48:56 “I’m a Rubik’s Cube with pants.”
57:27 The green jumper is a nice one, finally.
1:08:10 Socks with sandals… or Santa Clause. Which is worse?
1:13:40 “Soon I’m going to be seven and then I can know things.”
1:22:11 Oh no, the missing teeth situation is now good.
1:25:44 The toy soldiers are very much like Cybermen.
1:30:40 No pressure but we have to get married in ten mins.
1:33:30 Not at all clear why his tooth came back.


Okay, what is this film? It’s like two very different movies shoe-horned together, one is good, one is not good, and where they crossover, it’s worse. The rom-com, family drama with a heartwarming Christmas gifts scene and a kid trying to find his place in a difficult teenage world, is actually really good - entertaining and funny and worth watching.

The stuff at the north pole is… something else? Irritating and baffling and just why? And then the reindeer speaking like minions or gremlins or something, I could have done without that too. At heart there’s something that could be savalged from this movie but it’s just buried in utter nonsense. Hope the next one is a bit more sensible.

Rating: 2 / 5

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