Horror Express

Published October 24, 2022

Horror Express

Film info

  • Title Horror Express
  • Director Eugenio Martín
  • Year 1972
  • Run time 1hr 30m
  • Genre Horror
  • Tagline A nightmare of terror travelling aboard the horror express

Renowned anthropologist Saxton boards the Trans-Siberian Express with a crate containing the frozen remains of a primitive humanoid which, he believes, may prove to be the missing link in human evolution. But all hell breaks loose when the creature thaws out, turning out to be not quite as dead as once thought!

Live blog

Time Comment
4:04 Ooh, body in the ice, it’s like the OG Captain America.
6:56 Just realised that’s Tarkin and Dooku in the same scene.
9:35 “Fossils,” he says, really suspiciously.
14:25 “Queen Victoria. Crumpets. Shakespeare.” Pretty much sums the country up.
20:16 Ah, did it absorb the lock-picking powers? Intriguing.
22:31 Piano on a train feels odd.
30:19 Whole fish as a meal is gross.
33:00 “It’s a fact. And there’s no morality in a fact.”
45:37 I like how scientific this is… I mean, nonsense, but theoretically good.
50:55 Blimey, who is going to make it to the end of this train journey?
1:01:46 “What if one of you is the monster?” “Monster? We’re British, you know?” Er…
1:07:45 Slightly confused what’s happening since Telly Savalas showed up.
1:22:30 Got to love a big train crash at the end.


This is a much calmer and slower paced horror movie than the previous one I watched - nothing too hard on the special effects, other than the white eyes, and it’s more of a thoughtful piece than an all out horror. It did get a bit more adventurous towards the end, and a bit sillier, but ultimately it was a good story with some incredible actors. Why not?

Rating: 4 / 5

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