Broken Arrow

Published August 6, 2022

Broken Arrow

Film info

  • Title Broken Arrow
  • Director John Woo
  • Year 1996
  • Run time 1hr 48m
  • Genre Action
  • Tagline Prepare to go ballistic

When a B-3 Stealth Bomber crashes in the Utah desert during a top-secret test run, the military quickly moves in to retrieve its two 'broken arrows'. But the situation spins wildly out of control after one of the pilots reveals the crash to be part of an incredible nuclear extortion plot.

Live blog

Time Comment
2:13 Boxing lessons from John Travolta.
7:51 Test flights over Utah sound dull but I bet it’s not.
11:32 Is the stealth mode a real thing? I thought it was just the shape of it.
14:01 100 feet above the earth. No thank you.
16:15 The fight while they are strapped into their seats is bizarre.
18:29 “Well that’s very nice bullshit, Rick, we’ll go with that.”
25:26 Well, the park ranger is awesome!
32:19 What is the endangered dirt she’s on about?
41:17 I wasn’t expecting this to be a kidnap movie.
44:26 I feel like he could at least have asked her name by now, instead of ’lady'.
51:59 “You just activated a nuclear warhead, my friend.” ARGH.
55:02 This guy seems to wait before acting all the time, and it’s so frustrating.
1:01:45 Grenade in a mine shaft isn’t smart whichever side you’re on.
1:11:21 I quite like “from now until the end of the world…” as the start of an order.
1:16:26 If only you knew her name, you could call it.
1:23:57 She does have attittude and I loves it!
1:32:18 Why do they hate helicopters so much in this film?
1:33:51 Love that he trusts her with just the instruction ‘decouple the train, I’m off.’


Mr C set me up for this movie by saying there was terrible effects in it and plane technology that couldn’t exist. None of that was true, okay some of the effects while they were in the plane haven’t aged that well but are perfectly fine within the context of the movie. And the plane doesn’t quite look like the stealth bombers we know but it’s plausible enough. And the rest of the movie was entertaining enough so it beat my, admittedly very low, expectations.

I really loved the woman is kick-ass and inventive and doesn’t take anything lying down… although I really struggle to believe she’s a park ranger with some of the skills she displayed - surely an undercover marine of some sort. Anyway, intellectually it’s not a great movie but it was some mindless action to pass the time.

Rating: 2 / 5

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