The Rainmaker

Published June 4, 2022

The Rainmaker

Film info

  • Title The Rainmaker
  • Director Francis Ford Coppola
  • Year 1997
  • Run time 2hrs 5m
  • Genres Thriller, Crime, Drama
  • Tagline They were totally unqualified to try the case of a lifetime... but every underdog has his day

Broke, inexperienced Memphis law-school graduate Rudy Baylor is ready to take any job he can find. Signing on with slimy Bruiser Stone, he learns ambulance-chasing tactics from Bruiser's leg man Deck Schifflet and meets battered teen Kelly Riker, abused by her husband. Baylor has his own clients - friendly Miss Birdie, who has a large estate to dispose of, and desperate Dot Block, whose son Donnie Ray has terminal leukimia. Medical intervention could have spared his life, but the Great Benefit Insurance Company denied coverage.

Live blog

Time Comment
1:12 “They did what everybody thought was impossible. They gave lawyers a good name.”
5:53 If you’ve failed something six times, it might be time to try something different.
9:47 You couldn’t get away with a letter like that these days. Twitter, etc.
18:44 “What have we lost?” “A little dignity, maybe a little self respect.”
27:08 Can you just hang out in a hospital all day for no real reason?
35:34 The car he’s driving is SO bad.
43:37 “We welcome him to big time litigation.” Patronising.
55:48 You’ve really got to have a strength of conviction for these depositions. Ugh.
1:01:15 “There must be 100 years of law experience around the table. My staff have flunked the bar 6 times.”
1:14:19 On the one hand, way sneaky, but on the other, they bugged the office.
1:24:51 Do lawyers often read their books in the actual courtroom? I think that’s great, they can’t possibly remember it all.
1:28:58 Who throws a cupboard??
1:41:06 Love Danny DeVito knowing stuff.
1:46:12 She worked there, denying benefits, and then checks into a facility and her benefits are denied. That actually is irony.
1:59:11 They maybe aren’t worth their 1k an hour.
2:04:51 “Not bad for a yard boy.”


I love a good John Grisham adaptation. This was brilliant, apparently Grisham’s favourite adaptation of his works. The story is good, the case(s) at hand fascinating and the cast even better. Danny DeVito provides moments of lightness whilst also being a hardcore hustler, which is fun. Matt Damon does earnest as well as always and Danny Glover really handles the judge side of things perfectly (why is he not credited????) Great story, well adapted, perfect watch.

Rating: 5 / 5

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