The Matrix Resurrections

Published February 12, 2022

The Matrix Resurrections

Film info

  • Title The Matrix Resurrections
  • Director Lana Wachowski
  • Year 2021
  • Run time 2hrs 28m
  • Genres Action, Adventure, Science Fiction
  • Tagline Return to the source

Plagued by strange memories, Neo's life takes an unexpected turn when he finds himself back inside the Matrix.

Live blog

Time Comment
4:44 Woohoo, a fight in the rain.
6:15 I love how the Matrix is basically just super extreme parkour.
11:35 They’ve jazzed up the pills a bit.
16:40 “He is a bona fide famous person.” Isn’t he though.
18:42 I love the bust in the background of Agent Smith punch-face.
22:19 Neil Patrick Harris appears to have come as Brains.
24:03 Synaptic WTF light.
36:12 The cat is actually called Deja Vu!
44:03 “Nothing conquers anxiety like a little nostalgia.”
46:17 Oh come on, we ALL want to know why he’s barely aged.
59:55 Wow, that is someeeee rage.
1:08:36 General Jada!
1:13:12 “We’re quite excited about blueberries.”
1:23:47 Smith V Anderson was always the highlight.
1:27:18 “I still know Kung Fu.” YAAS.
1:36:11 That’s all just a little bit Tahiti for my liking.
1:53:46 “If I was The Oracle, maybe I could explain it.”
2:07:30 It’s good carnage but it’s not groundbreaking filmmaking, is it?
2:11:20 What did happen to the other helicopter?
2:12:30 Oh there it is, it just had a time out while they kissed.


So let’s just recap: the original Matrix movie is a standout groundbreaking incredible piece of art and everything after that pales in comparison. I didn’t mind the two sequels that made up the original trilogy as much as some people did - whilst absolutely in agreement that they didn’t need to exist and the first should have been left to stand on its own.

Thus, where does a fourth movie fit in? Still completely unnecessary and now running the risk again of ruining the Matrix legacy. Well, thank goodness it didn’t do that. It was actually a pretty good movie - not without its questions and plot concerns, but ultimately some good action, an okay story, and the wonder that is Trinity and Neo together again.

The downside is it just felt a bit lacking, in visuals (aside from the incredible nanobot crew members), in punchy story, in mind-bending twists and turns… it’s just a bit bland, and that’s the worst thing you can have from a Matrix movie.

Rating: 2 / 5

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