Last Train to Christmas

Published December 19, 2021

Last Train to Christmas

Film info

  • Title Last Train to Christmas
  • Director Julian Kemp
  • Year 2021
  • Run time 1hr 49m
  • Genres Fantasy, Drama
  • Tagline A journey to the future. A history of mistakes. One last chance to change everything.

When successful 80s nightclub manager Michael Sheen boards a magical train at Christmas, he discovers that each carriage harbours a different stage of his life.

Live blog

Time Comment
3:12 Now That’s What I Call Music 5!!
4:56 Age old question, do you eat or drink soup?
12:05 Oh my, Hooch! What an alcopop that was.
18:35 I feel like eight small bottles of champagne wouldn’t cover the whole carriage.
23:58 Did they have anti-shoplifting tags in the 80s? Would he know what it was?
32:13 How is Mia McKenna-Bruce playing a mum? She’s 12!
34:05 What is this film, talking about the Advanced Passenger Train?
40:59 Ooh, steam train.
50:45 “I like parts of it.” Not a great single review, that one.
58:16 They really are very short shorts.
1:05:20 Has anyone mapped how long this train is? I’ve lost all sense of direction.
1:15:28 Why would you push a pig off a cliff?
1:21:07 Rat Salad is a terrible name for a song.
1:25:26 “It’s all very confusing.” Yes, yes it is Michael.
1:35:40 Fair to say I wasn’t expecting that.


Right. Where to start? The good: Michael Sheen is obviously amazing. The aesthetic of each carriage was incredible. The time travelling story pretty well stacked up, and I liked it. I wanted to know what would happen in each successive carriage.

The bad: What does it have to do with Christmas? That’s a pretty big mis-sell. You can argue all you like that Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie but then come and watch this one and see what you think. The plot was a little bit messy, it was never quite clear what the intention was - was he fixing his relationship with his girlfriend, was it the brother, was it the aunt? It all combined together, I guess, but the strands were a bit messy in the middle. It takes a while to get going, too.

But worth a watch, as long as you’re not expecting a festive movie.

Rating: 3 / 5

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