Hot Shots

Published June 26, 2021

Hot Shots

Film info

  • Title Hot Shots
  • Director Jim Abrahams
  • Year 1991
  • Run time 1hr 24m
  • Genres Action, War, Comedy
  • Tagline The mother of all movies

Recruited to join a top-secret mission for the Air Force, a renegade pilot finds himself coping with an incompetent admiral and a carefully-selected squadron of flyers who are either inept or half-blind. He also winds up in competition with the corps' model of military perfection for the heart of the base's sultry psychiatrist.

Live blog

Time Comment
1:24 It does sort of make me want to watch Top Gun again.
7:40 Love the wise elder listening to Can’t Touch This.
11:40 Brady Bunch as a marching song!
12:55 Aw, baby Charlie and baby Jon. They’ve got so much ahead of them!
21: 43 How did the one at the back make his scarf ripple like that?
22:17 “… and I’ve been shot down from every one. Come to think of it, I’ve never landed a plane in my life.”
31:24 This is a more accident-prone performance than Mischief Theatre!
39:42 “There was a meltdown at the plant, so they gave me the afternoon off.” She said that far more cheerfully than she should have.
46:16 Stop saying ‘what could go wrong’!
48:30 I’ve always said gun salutes at a military funeral are a bad idea!
55:45 Sneaky Rocky reference.
1:02:31 That god-damn dog.
1:10:36 “Saved by the clouds.”
1:12:27 Aw, the ’there they are!’ was like in Memphis Belle.
1:20:32 Bonus recipe in the credits.


It turns out there is a film for pretty much any occasion. I don’t know this would have been high up on any of our lists, and it’s not exactly the best film in the world, but it was perfect for what we needed after a day of quite challenging manual labour. When you’re exhausted, what you may need is some mindless comedy. Step up, the spoof movie!

Taking on Top Gun, this is a relatively good spoof - it’s got its funny moments and also less good moments but overall it works. It’s short, it’s stupid, it did the job!

Rating: 2 / 5

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