Memphis Belle

Published May 23, 2021

Memphis Belle

Film info

  • Title Memphis Belle
  • Director Michael Caton-Jones
  • Year 1990
  • Run time 1hr 47m
  • Genres War, Action, Drama
  • Tagline Brave young men who rode on the wings of victory

Produced by Academy Award-winner David Puttnam, this panoramic adventure based on actual events of the young crew of the Memphis Belle, one of America's B-17 Flying Fortresses assigned to fly missions over Nazi occupied Europe, recreates the riveting tale of their final and most dangerous mission.

Live blog

Time Comment
6:03 The first group to complete their tour of duty? Oof.
8:46 Really enjoying the who’s who of officers. Pausing each one going, oh yea, that guy!
10:58 “Nobody’s going to want the same old food everywhere they go.” Oh dude, you’re not going to like the future.
28:07 Having to work when hungover is the worst… except maybe having to go to war hungover.
32:35 The check in is a great way of introducing who does what.
33:14 “They don’t tell me doodly, sir.”
36:46 They make fun of the guy writing poetry, but poems are a lot of what is left of WWII culture.
44:24 This is not a good cockpit camaraderie they’ve got going on.
46:05 The double turret pod looks like it should be in Star Wars.
49:48 Never thought about the rivalry between fighters and bombers before.
57:32 So good at showing the chaos and noise.
1:10:14 Why would you bring TOMATO soup? God dammit.
1:17:06 It doesn’t seem appropriate to be switching jobs in the middle of a battle.
1:24:03 Why would you lie about being a doctor? You must know it will catch you out at some point.
1:26:54 That whole dive sequence was basically noise and two men grunting and it was amazing.
1:37:35 To go so quickly from potential death to a fine landing just because of a wheel.


This was a pretty good film overall, very blockbuster-ish, tense and moving but actually quite gentle considering some of the more brutal war films that have been released since. I spent the first half of the film being agog at how many famous names and faces were in the cast, and then the second half thinking - we can’t have gone through all this and then find they don’t make it back, can we? But having just watched The Perfect Storm, I wasn’t convinced! Thankfully it was an okay ending, which made for a perfectly enjoyable watch.

Rating: 3 / 5

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