Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions

Published November 27, 2020

Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions

Film info

  • Title Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions
  • Director Taylor Swift
  • Year 2020
  • Run time 1hr 46m
  • Genres Documentary, Music
  • Tagline If everything's going to fall apart, make a record

Taylor Swift performs this intimate concert of every song from her recent album, 'folklore'. Accompanied by her co-producers and filmed at the historic Long Pond Studios, a setting that evokes the nostalgic, wistful nature of the album, Taylor discusses the creation and meaning of each song as they record their first in-person performance together, since remotely producing the collection.

Live blog

Time Comment
1:03 “Oh, I’m just writing songs in quarantine…”
1:36 Home studio. Jealous.
4:05 I can’t believe Jack Antonoff’s lower third is Bleachers. Not, in fact, every other brilliant song you know that Ryan Tedder didn’t write.
5:35 “If everything’s going to fall apart, make a record.”
13:11 I love TayTay but I’m not sure about this look.
15:25 Enjoy them talking about the construct of country songs.
22:13 The font was fine for a headline ‘folklore’ but now its trying to impart information, it’s not good.
25:55 Mr C: “I’m a big fan of whatever wood he’s got on that desk.”
27:57 Is picking a track five a thing?
32:51 My Tears Ricochet is about rage at an ex-friend… how differently she deals with it now than two albums ago.
53:50 Dude is playing two pianos at the same time, so yea. What did you do with your day?
57:27 Discussing why she’s writing songs about other people without quite realising it’s because she’s happy now.. adorable.
1:08:40 There’s nothing like a mad woman.
1:15:00 Like the idea this album is a Baywatch floatie for lovely TayTay.
1:21:14 Think we might have just seen the end of Taylor and Jack’s relationship with that “allegedly.”
1:27:19 It’s interesting that Jack did a lot of the first half of the album and Aaron the second.
1:28:55 “They’re talking about human complexity.”
1:41:44 Bit of rage about Lakes, if I’m honest.


Another surprise release from Swifty, and it’s a good one. A great insight into the album, opens up the songs to mean more and is yet more insight into this excellent and ever evolving artist. It was quite comforting under the current conditions but nowhere near as emotional as the Bruce film.

And I do have rage about Lakes. I listen to the standard album and not deluxe versions, so how can she say “this was the final song on the album for two weeks, then I put the real final track of the song on there.” For goodness’ sake. A mild complaint though - otherwise it’s good music, talented people, doing what they do best, perhaps without the rewatchability of other music documentaries.

Rating: 3 / 5

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