Published October 21, 2020


Film info

  • Title Jexi
  • Directors Jon Lucas, Scott Moore
  • Year 2019
  • Run time 1hr 24m
  • Genre Comedy
  • Tagline She had him at 'hello'

Phil is a smart, funny guy whose life is controlled by his phone. His life is turned upside down when he buys a new phone with a very 'helpful' digital assistant named JEXI.

Live blog

Time Comment
1:06 Ye olde snake!!
2:53 “Yesterday is not that many days ago.”
6:42 The “guess the city” game is no good when the streets are basically at 45 degrees.
9:37 “You don’t need a new phone, you need rehab.”
12:40 I mean, it’s funny but it’s also scary.
15:12 Interesting acting gig - do a phone voice assistant doing an impression of a chicken.
19:24 He still didn’t read the terms and conditions! He learnt nothing!
23:10 “I am ashamed to be your phone.”
27:41 To be fair, they never asked him if he was any good at sports.
35:12 Thunderheads! That’s a new one on me.
41:05 Where are their helmets please?
51:03 See, they’re running and look suspicious. They’re supposed to act like they belong.
58:09 I KNEW low charge made phones go crazy.
1:03:12 “You’re staring down a blank page. It’s just you and the page.”
1:05:12 What the hell is Crackle?
1:12:23 Don’t tell me software updates save the day. I hate them!
1:17:53 “We are working on that.”


I thought this was going to be a pretty rubbish film - it’s usually quite hard to fully embed technology onto the big screen - however it was a lot better than I thought it would be. Not perfect though.

It was laugh out loud funny in a lot of places, but it really felt like watching a couple of sketches put together. The through story wasn’t really fleshed out enough to fully sustain the movie, and it was a short one at that. There’s a good moral in there about not using your phone too much but it did find it hard to strike the balance between telling a story with a moral and really just frowning on the modern world.

Also, I really didn’t like the bit where he was rubbish at sports so everyone was annoyed at him. Then he was great at sports and they all thought he was the best thing ever. Apparently you have to be a super sports god to have any friends.

Rating: 3 / 5

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