Set It Up

Published October 16, 2020

Set It Up

Film info

  • Title Set It Up
  • Director Claire Scanlon
  • Year 2018
  • Run time 1hr 45m
  • Genres Comedy, Romance
  • Tagline Finding love takes some assistants

In desperate need of a break from the office, two beleaguered assistants team up to trick their workaholic bosses into falling in love.

Live blog

Time Comment
1:55 I’ve worked for bad bosses but I don’t think I could work for a boss like these ones.
6:18 The Gerilympics sounds amazing.
11:02 I mean, sports can be emotional… but that’s a lot of crying.
16:00 “Just cover his phones, try not to exist.”
19:55 “But you’re a grown up.” “Take that back.”
21:13 “Why are you so quiet? You move like a Prius.”
29:26 Creepy Tim really is creepy, but also cute.
32:55 “Guys like girls who like guys who like sports.”
43:21 The lemon battery project is blowing my mind.
45:44 They walking the High Line, yay!
50:21 “It’s not legally a crime but we both know this isn’t right.”
54:57 These assistants are falling for the sunk cost theory… where they’ve put in too much time to give it up.
56:37 Magic Milk XXL!
1:04:09 He is the cavewoman and he knows it.
1:11:44 Jumping over a bed doesn’t count as parkour.
1:14:48 “All that romantic shit.”
1:22:45 Oof, he had some good points and then he just crossed the line.
1:29:30 That whole pizza only cost five dollars?
1:35:23 The King of Staten Island has been in, like, four scenes and has ruled every one of them.


Aww, I loved this movie. It’s not big or clever and it takes a minute to get going (I feel like the annoying bosses were annoying for just a bit too long, I started to lose sympathy for everyone involved.)

However, once the assistants met and started bantering with each other, things really picked up. Zoey and Glenn are adorable apart and together, and as I mentioned Pete Davidson stole every scene he was in. The bosses were caricatures really but you get to know a bit more about their motivations as the film unfolds and it’s interesting how the relationships change and evolve.

I like the idea of the list of reasons someone annoys you is secretly a list of reasons you love them.

Rating: 5 / 5

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