The Firm

Published September 12, 2020

The Firm

Film info

  • Title The Firm
  • Director Sydney Pollack
  • Year 1993
  • Run time 2hrs 34m
  • Genres Mystery, Thriller, Drama
  • Tagline Power can be murder to resist

Tom Cruise plays Mitch McDeere, a brilliant and ambitious Harvard Law grad. Driven by a fierce desire to bury his working-class past, Mitch joins a small, prosperous Memphis firm that affords Mitch and his wife an affluent lifestyle beyond their wildest dreams. But when FBI agents confront him with evidence of corruption and murder within the firm, Mitch sets out to find the truth in a deadly crossfire between the FBI, the Mob, and a force that will stop at nothing to protect its interests - The Firm.

Live blog

Time Comment
2:23 I’m exhausted already. This guy is too busy.
5:19 A job interview that turns into a court hearing is mildly terrifying.
7:29 “Why?” Haha, great reaction.
9:31 “All-white, all-male, all-married.”
14:54 I can’t believe as a lawyer he doesn’t have a ‘seems too good to be true’ filter.
19:35 “No, what the government can do to anybody.” Yep.
31:33 He does look super tired. Makes me feel bad for saying I’m tired.
43:21 This is a pretty weird conversation between two strangers on a beach.
48:13 “Wouldn’t it be funny if I went to Harvard and you went to jail and we both ended up surrounded by crooks?”
57:18 We have found our long-haired blond guy.
1:01:10 “Every. partner. knows.”
1:05:31 He’s playing a risky little game.
1:08:21 Hope she says ‘I told you so.’
1:19:38 They couldn’t be acting more shifty. I don’t blame them but oof.
1:21:03 “The first thing I’m gonna DO is violate the secrets of my clients.
1:29:53 So Tammy’s my new favourite.
1:35:26 “Shall we go in now and do this for the record?”
1:44:36 “My first sunset in six years.” Wow, that’s a thought.
1:54:55 How far is someone prepared to go, I guess is the question.
2:05:08 Yay! There had to be a stunt in there somewhere.
2:09:15 How is it that mafia just look like mafia?
2:11:08 Never seen an upside down monorail like that before.
2:16:08 Ooh, this must have been his audition for Mission Impossible.
2:26:42 “I discovered the law again, you actually made me think about it.”


I love a good legal thriller and no one does it quite like John Grisham. I can’t remember if I’ve read this before or not, but none of it came back to me as we watched. (I’ve since bought the book, of course!)

It’s a great story underneath - the twists and turns, the tension, the who-to-trust moments - and layer on top of that a great cast and you’ve got a fab movie. Although Cruise does a lot of the heavy lifting, I really enjoyed the women in this - Holly Hunter was amazing, and I love that the wife came through for him in the end even though she still thought he had cheated.

Good stuff, can’t wait to read it.

Rating: 5 / 5

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