Film Watch started as a way to get me to concentrate on films. I love watching movies, but usually tend to multitask as I do it. Watching with headphones in on a device, whilst doing some admin tasks on a laptop. Or watching a movie whilst cleaning the house, flitting from room to room and missing out all the important details. You know the kind of thing.

So, with a limited amount of film knowledge that I wanted to improve upon, the idea of making notes throughout a movie sitting was born. And publishing them on a blog was a clear next step.

The process also begin as a solo activity, with me trusting Apple’s Film of the Week rental on iTunes as a choice of film to watch. It soon became something Mr C and I would do together, and then it quite quickly became a significant hobby in our lives. Our film knowledge grew, our passion for the movie world went with it. We keep an eye on trailers, read film magazines, and actively anticipate upcoming releases.

I put the goal of watching 500 films on my personal Life List, but once that goal was complete, I still wanted to continue to watch, learn and love. Introducing documentaries into the Film Watch regime was the next step as the hobby and the blog continues to evolve and grow.

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