912. Isn’t It Romantic

Title: Isn’t It Romantic
Director:  Todd Strauss-Schulson
Year: 2019
Run time: 1hr 29m

“After hitting her head, an architect who hates romantic comedies wakes up to find her unremarkable life has become a dazzling, cliche-driven rom-com.”

Live blog

0:57 – Wine in a pint glass, you go girl.
3:45 – “You’re built like a cement truck.”
5:04 – Bumper and Fat Amy are just the absolute dream team.
8:42 – Wish I could watch The Wedding Singer in the office!
11:11 – I feel like this film is just going to lead to watching other films!
15:02 – Tom Ellis! Blimey.
16:53 – Love that he’s turned Australian. Why didn’t I see that coming?
19:01 – 3.5m permutations. “That still doesn’t change the math though.”
26:36 – Joshhhhh.
32:34 – “Tell me what’s going on, I’m a good listener, I’ve got very big earholes.”
36:14 – Love refusing to do the montage.
42:51 – The ways to cover up the swearing are fun. Not as fun as The Good Place, but still.
47:09 – Beguiling just isn’t the word I’d want to describe me.
50:38 – “Did you just learn that word cause you keep saying it.”
58:40 – I’m soloing here!
1:09:11 – Is an avocado a vegetable?
1:18:51 – Even thought it was so obvious, the billboard reveal is still adorable.
1:20:07 – “I complete… myself.”


I was ready to watch this film the moment I saw Rebel and Adam were in it, they are so good together. I was, perhaps, slightly nervous because, apart from Big, the concept of out-of-body alternative universe movies doesn’t really appeal to me (the Freaky Fridays and 13 Going On 30s of this world). Maybe I’ve judged them too harshly, or maybe this was a particularly good one, but I really enjoyed it.

The chemistry between everyone was great, and the fact that it’s pulling the rom-com genre to shreds whilst also being exactly that was fun. It was quite predictable, but even so the cast were so good to make it worthwhile, and what a great message at the end. Sure, you can get together with the guy but it’s far more important to love yourself.

Rating: 5/5.