897. The Holiday

Title: The Holiday
Director: Nancy Meyers
Year: 2006
Run time: 2hrs 18m

“After bad bouts of man trouble just before the holidays, Amanda (Diaz) and Iris (Winslet) are desperate for a change of scene. Travelling in opposite directions (Diaz to London, Winslet to Los Angeles), each finds herself alone in an unfamiliar town, but neither remains a stranger in her new surroundings for long.”

Live blog

1:38 – Loving Jack Black’s studio setup!
3:00 – “Most love stories are about people who fall in love with each other, but what about the rest of us?”
5:23 – Love Sarah Parrish! “I never realised how pathetic you are.”
13:52 – I mean, cheating is bad but to make him walk on gravel in bare feet is harsh.
16:40 – I wanna see the Lohan/Franco film!
17:43 – “For years, I read these reviews, I buy the books but I never read them.” Sing it, sister.
22:10 – This has gone very You’ve Got Mail, I like it.
29:19 – No way does Iris do that commute every single day. That’s cray cray.
32:49 – Now, hold on. She was watching Little Britain, which was on the BBC, which doesn’t have ads on it.
33:04 – Where did the dog come from???
43:21 – Well Jude Law is adorable.
52:14 – “You’re lovely” is such a nice thing to say to someone.
55:30 – Did she get on the plane?
59:19 – Well, Kate Winslet would recognise the Oscar.
1:02:05 – “In the movies, we have leading ladies and we have the best friend. You, I can tell, are a leading lady but for some reason you’re behaving like the best friend.”
1:13:26 – I quite like finding yourself in the middle of dinner party that you somehow are hosting.
1:27:32 – What is way past complicated?
1:28:56 – Oh Arthur, wait till you see how much Netflix want to produce.
1:35:34 – “Two notes, and you’ve got a villain.”
1:44:01 – “I used only the good notes.” Okay, so Jack Black has won the movie.
1:53:26 – Nooooo Jasper! Nooooo.
1:57:52 – Gumption! What a word!


Really loved this! It’s one of those adorable but quirky rom-coms, where you can’t quite believe what is happening but are completely swept along for the ride. I fell in love with Jude Law a little bit, but was bowled over by the concept of Jack Black as a romantic lead – and he pulled it off!

The real hero was Arthur, though, and boy did I cry when the doors opened and everyone was cheering. My word.

My only complaint, really, is that aside from some snow and the odd wreath on a door, it doesn’t feel like a Christmas film. It could be set at any time really, and still be almost word for word the same. But that makes no odds to the overall enjoyment of a great and worthy film. Hoorah!

Rating: 5/5.