893. The Christmas Chronicles

Title: The Christmas Chronicles
Director: Clay Kaytis
Year: 2018
Run time: 1hr 44m

“After accidentally crashing Santa’s sleigh, a brother and sister pull an all-nighter to save Christmas with a savvy, straight-talking St. Nick.”

Live blog

0:57 – Wait, Hudson and Paisley? From being related to him and also both being in Nashville? Mind is blown right now.
4:44 – Brothers can only be so mean, I guess.
11:51 – I’m having a worrying amount of fashion envy for the 11-year-old.
17:21 – It’s all gone a bit Blair Witch!
17:54 – Santa, he ain’t so subtle.
21:21 – So Mission Impossible. Also, that kid is a bad-ass.
23:21 – “Teddy, are you okay? Where’s the camera?” Priorities!
27:05 – Santa did the Top Gear faceplant into snow.
27:20 – “Pilates?”
36:13 – Santa, the badass, just made a police scanner out of junk.
40:31 – But… do reindeers eat candy canes?
43:31 – The beard is incredible. Real, apparently.
51:35 – He kinda is that bad of a brother though. Bless her for trying.
1:00:55 – The presents thing, I will admit, is very cool.
1:01:44 – He does do videos!
1:04:05 – She may be awesome but she has piss-poor filing skills.
1:07:10 – Adorbz elves flossing tho.
1:10:46 – Wish I could magic up musical instruments like that.
1:29:13 – Loved all of that. ALL OF IT.
1:37:47 – NO FUDGING WAY.


We’re totally on board with the Netflix Christmas Universe and were happy to settle in for another relatively cheesy movie about kids and Santa and Christmas. This was a complete revelation – it was brilliant! I knew we were in for a better than expected time when it became clear these were two child actors who could actually act and weren’t going to be annoying.

Then you have the fabulous Santa and his ways, the adorable elves, the heart-warming story of finding yourself after the loss of a loved one, and, of course, that fabulous reveal at the end. It was just so good, I can see this becoming a yearly tradition in the same fashion as Love Actually.

Rating: 5/5.