680. Three Men and a Baby

680-three-men-and-a-babyBackground info

Title: Three Men and a Baby
Director: Leonard Nimoy
Year: 1987
Run time: 1hr 42m

“Handsome and successful career men trade wine, women and song for diapers, formula and Dr. Spock. The doting “daddies” find they are totally unprepared to handle the upheaval and responsibility that comes with instant fatherhood.”

Live blog

1:37 – I like how arty it is but I think I would struggle to find the door, especially after a wine or two.
4:43 – That’s not your average household video camera.
14:33 – He runs, he rows, he’s making us all feel bad for being so fit.
24:59 – They have a nice kitchen.



I’m so disappointed in this. I know that this was a good film, that I’ve seen it before and enjoyed it. And I wanted to watch it again because, you know, Leonard Nimoy!

But this time, oh my word, it was impossible to get more than 25 minutes in because of that baby and its incessant crying.

I know that’s what the film is about, men not knowing how to deal with a baby, which inevitably means the baby being unhappy and crying, but it was such a racket.

There are plenty of reasons we don’t want kids in our lives but the noise they make has to be right up there near the top of the list. Oof, we don’t need that on our screens instead.

Rating: Unrated.

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