569. Taken 3

569-taken-3Background info

Title: Taken 3
Director: Oliver Mégaton
Year: 2014
Run time: 1hr 49m

“Liam Neeson returns as ex-government operative Bryan Mills, whose life is shattered when he’s falsely accused of a murder that hits close to home. As he’s pursued by a savvy police inspector (Forest Whitaker), Mills employs his “particular set of skills” to track the real killer and exact his unique brand of justice.”

Live blog

2:18 – “I’m just the accountant, I don’t know anything.”
6:38 – Everyone should have a big cuddly panda toy, why not?
8:38 – Giant toy in the passenger seat. Crazy cute.
9:38 – He left the door open?? After the first two films???
17:31 – Lotta drama so far, it’s like an oldies version of Dawson’s Creek.
23:22 – Overflow river system from Grease… and every film ever. Love spotting that.
26:30 – Are you allowed to just eat the bagels from a crime scene?
28:48 – Bunker! Of all the people to have a bunker, Liam Neeson is totally the one.
32:14 – Thirty minutes in and no one has mentioned the specialist skills.
40:39 – Can’t believe 21 Jump Street has ruined the Miranda rights for me. Giggling when I shouldn’t be.
43:15 – Car chases have got so fast-paced now I don’t have a clue what’s going on.
44:10 – Was on his side until this hair-brained car chase. Loadsa people must be hurt. He deserves prison.
46:57 – He really, really didn’t want to go prison.
52:21 – Love that he’s a super smart cop too.
59:02 – Poisoned his own daughter, just minutes after she said he wouldn’t hurt her.
1:14:32 – Can’t be doing with Bryan the waterboarder.
1:25:27 – They’ve pulled a Speed with the CCTV footage.
1:38:21 – Dude just drove a car into a plane. Never NEVER cross him.
1:38:48 – YES! Three films and she was finally awesome!


Taken is a film series we have something of a love/hate relationship with. Many people make fun of the first film, but I really loved it. Kick-ass action, and those particular set of skills which really set Liam Neeson off in a new direction. The trouble being, of course, that since then he’s done barely anything but have those skills and it’s not really bringing about anything new.

Taken 2 was a poor rip-off of the first, but at least with this final film (I hope!) they went in a new direction. This time, it wasn’t really about someone being taken, although there was a little bit of that. It was more about the potential of freedom being taken away. I liked the change in style, but I was annoyed that they spent so much time building up the drama of the piece. No one really cares about his relationship with his ex-wife or his daughter, so we don’t need scene upon scene of them having heart-to-hearts.

I did enjoy that Whitaker’s detective was actually pretty smart, being less than a step behind his prey, and eventually catching up with him when it counted. I did not like the scene at the end, where I said “What’s he going to do, drive the car into the plane?” before cringing when that’s exactly what he did.

It really wasn’t a fab film, and it didn’t live up to the first, but then again it was definitely better than the second. I also have an odd sort of satisfaction having ticked all three off the to-watch list. Neeson retains his specialist skills and that’s all that really matters.

Rating: 3/5.