565. Kingsman: The Secret Service

565-kingsmanBackground info

Title: Kingsman: The Secret Service
Director: Matthew Vaughn
Year: 2014
Run time: 2hrs 9m

“A super-secret organisation recruits an unrefined but promising street kid into the agency’s ultra-competitive training program just as a dire global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius. A phenomenal cast, including Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Caine, lead this action-packed spy-thriller directed by Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: First Class).”

Live blog

1:24 – Amazing chooon to start the film!
6:39 – Actual Luke flipping Skywalker. I can’t cope.
9:36 – Loving the hologram glasses. That beats conference calling any day.
11:38 – “With respect, you’re a snob.”
15:20 – Weirdest car chase ever. To the tune of Bonkers!
18:41 – It’s classified. Such a good excuse to not answer questions.
20:25 – “I’ve had a rather emotional day…” Totes emosh.
22:21 – Set umbrellas to stun.
22:45 – Dammit, my fancy pants watch doesn’t have an amnesia setting.
27:03 – I got one of the three films.
29:17 – Hyperloop!
37:15 – The water thing was terrifying, nightmares upcoming I think.
39:50 – Pug puppy Squeee!
47:02 – So Valentine is basically Google, only he forgot the “don’t be evil” bit.
53:58 – Not being funny, but this film is full of nightmares.
56:34 – “They’re all a little bit serious for my taste, these days.” Love it when a film goes meta.
1:04:33 – The precise nature of his Sun wallpaper is beautiful.
1:16:35 – I don’t think he could kidnap our Royal Family, people follow them around so much!
1:18:35 – Hail Satan!
1:27:30 – You can always tell when Michael Caine is acting spicious.
1:31:34 – That plane taking off is a mashup of Thunderbirds and X-Men.
1:37:54 – I’m calling shenanigans on being able to land in the side of a mountain like that.
1:41:46 – So many references in this last sequence and yet all I’m thinking about is where Iggy is?
1:47:30 – Kingsman Kid.
1:53:45 – I know she’s bad but Gazelle is incredible.
2:02:05 – Genius callback at the end.


From the trailer, I thought this was a fun little film, very much like Kick-Ass except for spies, but I hadn’t anticipated the great story and the self-awareness that made it what it was. Packed full with a fantastic cast, some great cameos, and plenty of little inside jokes and secrets, it grabs you right from the start and pulls you in.

Now, I did have some trouble with the finer points of the plot – probably due to an alcoholic beverage or two. It wasn’t complicated, but I was so distracted by the great bits I couldn’t concentrate on the over-arching bad guy plan. Whilst it was fun, there were also some unique little surprises of seriousness peppered in there – I properly loved the scene where Eggsy confronts Merlin about the missing parachute only to be proved very wrong. And the pug!

Highly recommended, and totally worth a second watch.

Rating: 5/5.

One comment

  1. Lukeh

    “From the trailer, I thought this was a fun little film, very much like Kick-Ass except for spies, but I hadn’t anticipated the great story and the self-awareness that made it what it was.”

    Absolutely nailed it. When I saw the cinema trailers I thought it looked fun but that’s about it. Such a wonderful surprise and a lot cleverer than the trailer gave it credit. On the plus side. it’s also very nice for a film’s best scenes not to be ruined by spoiler-heavy trailers as is the trend now.


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