410. Stuck in Love

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410-stuck-in-loveTitle: Stuck in Love
Director: Josh Boone
Year: 2012
Run time: 1hr 37m

“Three years after his divorce, acclaimed novelist Bill Borgens is still obsessed with his ex-wife Erica, who left him for another man. Meanwhile, his fiercely independent daughter Samantha is publishing her first novel but refusing to deal with real life. Sam’s younger brother, Rusty – also an aspiring writer – gets too much of a taste of real life when his dream girl turns out to have a trouble past.”

Live blog

2:12 – I veer between ‘look at her eyebrows’ and ‘that came from Phil Collins’??
3:58 – I would absolutely freak out if someone was staring through my window, known to me or otherwise.
8:08 – I didn’t know there was an argument to be had about what publisher you go with. Self-publishing rules.
10:39 – Is Jennifer Connelly supposed to be Demi Moore?
13:27 – Don’t mix family and work and stuff. Tricky times.
14:03 – “Can I ask you a question without you getting defensive?”
16:03 – Hopeless romantics versus realists. That’s pretty much our house.
20:53 – It was the opening line of the film.
22:08 – I really, really don’t think I knew everything to be creative by the time I was 20.
28:04 – Fighting better than silence, for sure.
30:28 – “You reek of romance and good intentions.”
38:57 – Loving the guy that’s stalking Phil Collins Jr.
44:19 – Why are people just leaving their doors open?
51:10 – Two batches of burned cookies!
55:06 – “You make me feel less cynical.” That’s my kind of romantic line.
1:06:36 – Mysterious is the best possible word for the description of writing.
1:13:48 – Getting his sister to restrain him seems harsh!
1:21:57 – Ah, the moment when you realise your parents are human.
1:27:22 – “See ya Steven.”


Having established that I am not totally hardhearted, and that I do have a soft spot for some romantic movies (The Bodyguard), we wanted to try out a more up to date one with the proviso that I kept an open mind.

It actually worked, I quite enjoyed this film. We’ve been working through some less challenging movies due to sheer exhaustion, and this was absolutely what we needed – just a handful of people twisting and turning through tricky relationships.

I enjoyed this one, it wasn’t too predictable, the characters were good although not entirely believable, and the writing angle was kinda fun. I really like the guy playing Rusty, too, having previously seen him in Admission.

Rating: 3/5

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