402. The Call

Background info

402-the-callTitle: The Call
Director: Brad Anderson
Year: 2013
Run time: 1hr 34m

“In the high-stakes, edge-of-your-seat thriller The Call, a thin thread of survival separates a teenage kidnap victim from her only hope: a compassionate, steady voice on the other end of a cell phone marshaling all the resources she can to find her.”

Live blog

0:59 – How is this from WWE studios? Off of throwing chairs and stuff?
4:27 – 911 call centre another really hard job.
10:20 – That’s a rookie mistake, surely? He heard the phone ring and be picked up.
12:07 – Quiet room. Totally required.
13:58 – They have five screens at their desks. Totally jealous.
20:02 – She’s training them, and there’s soothing music in the background, and it sounds like Sunscreen.
27:45 – Aw, yay, the boss isn’t evil.
31:30 – Do they get training for all these crazy situations? You’ve got to be able to deal/advise through anything.
34:28 – All units be advised… that’s like what they say on Need for Speed.
40:06 – On the one hand, I think it’s weird to wind your window down and inflict your thoughts on other passengers. On the other, it makes for important script devices.
43:49 – This guy is cornering a whole new style of rage, maniac rage or something.
46:33 – Last warning? She didn’t do anything. God, maniacs can be so unreasonable.
49:18 – So far, Halle has broken every single rule she was teaching the others.
54:20 – You’re running a risky game with the lighter at a petrol station.
58:23 – She’ll totally recognise his breathing. It must have haunted her.
1:07:11 – Halle really looks like Whitney Houston with this hair.
1:11:00 – Now it’s going to be that Halle finds something the police didn’t, which is annoying because the police aren’t incompetent.
1:13:04 – Flagpole.
1:14:50 – Literally shouting at the TV here. Go back up. What are you doing woman??
1:22:56 – It’s setting a bit of a bad precedent. I’ll want all 911 responders to solve the crime themselves after this.
1:26:43 – Seriously, enough vigilante stuff! She works for 911, she must know what they can do.


I have loved Halle Berry in the past, although I haven’t been following her as closely recently. This looked like an interesting film, though, so we were keen to watch it.

I thought the first half of the film was much better than the second. Initally, my concern was with trying to work out if Halle was having a good or bad hair day, but I was soon distracted by how the 911 operation worked. The Hive, as the call centre was called, was endlessly fascinating, the way they took calls, tracked them, dispatched people, all good.

Following the course of the investigation as they talked the teenage girl through being kidnapped was also good. It was when Halle was told to go home and decided to take matters into her own hands that it sort of lost its way. After that it was pretty unbelievable, and whilst entertaining, it lost the edge that it had been carrying up to that point.

Rating: 3/5

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