Film Watch – 377. Grown Ups 2

grown-ups-2Fast Facts

Title: Grown Ups 2
Director: Dennis Dugan
Year: 2013
Run time: 1 hr 41 mins

Background Info

We adored the first film, funny throughout with a bit of a slow start, although it has to be remembered we were looking for anything amusing after the disaster that was The Expendables. I was looking forward to the sequel, in the hopes it would be as good as the first, although the trailer wasn’t quite as funny as wished for.

Live Blog

2:47 – The kid left the front door open, and he says that’s a “nice thing”?
9:30 – “I gotta go to that? I mean, I get to go to that?”
11:08 – That’s Mr C kinda timekeeping right there.
15:11 – I like Salma Hayek. Mostly because of Ugly Betty, even though she was horrible on there.
17:50 – Days of our Lives. Everything’s a Friends reference.
21:14 – “Did a scientist make you in a lab?”
25:59 – Who makes a kid go to school for one day?
32:32 – “She moves like yagger, no?”
37:29 – It must be good to have a place to “hang” out like that as a kid, a big awesome lake.
48:50 – The chest bumping does look painful.
50:11 – More cheerleaders should moonwalk.
54:17 – The cure for anger is Jack Daniels, apparently.
55:09 – I don’t wanna generalise, but these frat boys are the worst.
1:02:52 – Bless kids. “The 80s? That was 70 years ago!”
1:09:24 – I’m not really a party person, but a 1980s party seems way cool.
1:16:54 – Jeez, kids are annoying. Just go to sleep!
1:20:33 – Although that kid made the other kid a sparkly shoe for his broken leg. Cute.
1:23:11 – Adam Sandler is crazy good at switching between talking and yelling.
1:30:11 – “What were you, raised by ninjas?”


Just really, really bad. There were two actual funny moments, and the rest was occasionally amusing – most of which was down to the consumption of wine anyway. It felt like a lot of sketches sewn together, as the film didn’t really have a point. The first was about them getting back together as friends and reconciling their childhood dreams with the reality of adulthood. This one was a hotchpotch of things, with no central theme, and the people didn’t seem to gel as well as they did the first time. Also, wtf with the deer?

Rating: 1/5

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