Film Watch Review – 301 to 350

I am intensely aware that my website has become essentially a repository of film reviews and little else. That’s just the way things are at the moment, hectic, busy, leaving little inspiration at the end of the day than to enjoy the creativity (or not) of someone else. I’m hoping it’s just a phase, but if it’s not then so be it. Let’s embrace the Film Watch volume and enjoy how close I’m getting to the goal of 500! Here we have a quick rundown of the latest batch of 50 movies.

301. Taken 2 2/5
302. The Sapphires 4/5
303. Here Comes the Boom 4/5
304. Short Circuit 4/5
305. Jumanji 3/5

A couple of newer films followed by some older ones. Both The Sapphires and Here Comes the Boom were ones that I enjoyed more than I thought I would, but are mostly forgettable. In fact, the only thing I remember from Boom is the bit with the gym ball. I love Jumanji, but it certainly isn’t standing up well to the test of time.

306. Silver Linings Playbook 5/5
307. Coyote Ugly 4/5
308. Crimson Tide 5/5
309. The Game 4/5
310. Seven Psychopaths 3/5

We really have done a good job of mixing up the old and new recently. Silver Linings Playbrook was brilliant. Seven Psychopaths less so. And, of course, Crimson Tide only served to increase my obsession with submarines. More of that later!

311. Sleepless in Seattle 3/5
312. Jack Reacher 4/5
313. Confessions of a Shopaholic 4/5
314. Trouble with the Curve 4/5

Although Trouble with the Curve wasn’t quite as good as Moneyball, it certainly made me appreciate films about sports even more. I discovered later, with the arrival of BT Sport, that I have a fondness for baseball that I didn’t realise when we watched this. Maybe a second viewing is in order.

315. Flight 4/5
316. Playing for Keeps 2/5
317. Les Miserables 3/5

Les Miserables was one of the few films I watch these days by myself. It was so long I had to take an intermission in the middle.

318. Quartet 3/5
319. Hyde Park on Hudson 4/5
320. I Give It a Year 4/5

Three films we hadn’t really heard of before they appeared on iTunes, but we liked them all – some more than others. The first two were quite sedate, the last I recall laughing quite a lot.

321. Die Hard with a Vengeance 4/5
322. Wreck-It Ralph 4/5
323. The Wedding Singer 5/5

So much love for The Wedding Singer. It might be my second favourite film of all time (technically fourth).

324. Argo 5/5
325. Hitchcock 5/5
326. Die Hard 4.0 3/5
327. This is 40 2/5

This is 40 still confuses me. Brilliant and awful in equal measure.

328. Miss Congeniality 4/5
329. Django Unchained 4/5
330. The Numbers Station 2/5
331. Short Circuit 2 3/5
332. Cruel Intentions 3/5
333. Identity Thief 3/5

Interestingly, both The Numbers Station and Identity Thief are different, but we had the same sort of reaction to them. They were held together by the cast, could have been really good, but fell short.

334. Shaun of the Dead 4/5
335. Hot Fuzz 4/5
336. A Good Day to Die Hard 1/5

Just a bit of catching up on franchises here.

337. The Heist 4/5
338. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery 5/5
339. The Prestige 2/5

David Bowie! Ha. It still bugs me that The Prestige could have been really good, but for the sci-fi twist at the end. Unnecessary.

340. The Italian Job 3/5
341. Gangster Squad 4/5
342. Bachelorette 4/5
343. Oblivion 4/5

Oblivion and Bachelorette both surpassed my expectations, and I still revel in the fact that I was the one doing the explaining with Oblivion.

344. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids 2/5
345. Iron Man 3 5/5
346. Olympus Has Fallen 3/5
347. Spring Breakers 3/5

Spring Breakers was not my kind of film at all, but entertained well enough. Olympus Has Fallen is much more up my street but was oddly less entertaining in the end.

348. Pitch Perfect 5/5
349. Star Trek Into Darkness 5/5
350. The Lost World: Jurassic Park 3/5

Another fifty films wrapped up, another fifty on the way! If you want to catch up on any other films we’ve watched, the dedicated pages are quite useful, listing them alphabetically, by director and by year. We’ve still got a lot of work to do in the movie archives!

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