Film Watch – 353. Memento

mementoFast Facts

Title: Memento
Director: Christopher Nolan
Year: 2000
Run time: 1 hr 53 mins

Background Info

After watching The Prestige, we were pondering the career of Christopher Nolan and Memento came up in conversation. Mr C remembered it as being excellent and so it was never going to be long before we watched it. I knew nothing about it but was keen to be educated!

Live Blog

4:01 – Not sure how I feel about blonde Guy Pearce.
10:55 – Writing on your body is all very well, until you want to forget!
15:14 – I’m thinking that the list of facts didn’t need to be quite so big… could have fitted that on one arm.
19:06 – “Even if you get revenge, you’re not going to remember it.”
20:57 – Carrie-Ann looks pretty normal without harsh sunglasses and tight shiny black suits.
24:09 – Facts, not memories. That seems like a good motto.
27:22 – What are the chances of an insurance guy getting the same weird condition as one of his clients?
34:04 – “There are things you know for sure.”
37:29 – It’s a pretty big soliloquy he’s doing there, in the middle of the night, tucked up in bed.
42:00 – That’s an unexpected benefit to having a friend with short term memory loss. You’d only need to know one good joke.
47:37 – Well at least he hasn’t managed to get tattoos on his bum.
51:27 – He’s got some tricks up his sleeve, even if he can’t remember them all the time.
57:16 – I’m confused why he’s on the phone in the black and white bits. He doesn’t like the phone.
1:00:17 – That is a slight issue with the tattoo process, not easy to rectify mistakes.
1:10:48 – The “Never answer the phone” bit is properly spooky.
1:24:51 – I’m liking Natalie less and less the more I know her.
1:31:57 – Sometimes when Guy talks he sounds just like Hugh Jackman. It must be an Australian being American thing.
1:38:02 – Memory man. Like the complete opposite of Rain man.


It took me a little while to get into the storytelling – not because it was backwards, but the delineation between the black and white bits and the colour. It was a really fascinating way to gradually reveal the story, particularly when we started to learn about Sammy Jankis and get more of the backstory on that. I like the twist, but I did think it was a bit of a weird ending, and I was left wondering what he was going to do after the end(/beginning).

Rating: 4/5


  1. Lukeh

    Nolan does clever films well when they’re a bit under the radar like this but I do really like Memento. Takes a while to get used to but great when you’re going with it!


  2. elephino

    Some people you should not give a big budget to. Nolan is one of them.

    I like this movie a lot, it’s clever and has proper twists that aren’t so obvious you can pick them from the trailer.


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