Film Watch – 352. The Hunt for Red October

the-hunt-for-red-octoberFast Facts

Title: The Hunt for Red October
Director: John McTiernan
Year: 1990
Run time: 2 hrs 14 mins

Background Info

It’s been a while since we watched a submarine movie, my obsession with them has faded a little in recent months. However, we’ve been super tired of late and it seemed like a great movie to spend a couple of hours on the sofa enjoying, particularly as it was recommended highly after we watched Crimson Tide.

Live Blog

1:00 – That text introduction has only served to totally confuse me.
7:30 – James Earl Jones… that voice rumbles right to your soul.
10:02 – He called him “sub driver.” That sounds too dull. Not pilot or sailor?
15:40 – Woah, babelfish?
21:01 – Generic docking collar. Even in submarines there are issues with proprietary connectors.
27:46 – There are a variety of intriguing accents in this “Russian” crew.
38:25 – Connery has gone ROGUE.
44:45 – I still don’t think they should be smoking in the submarine.
51:25 – Did that say USS Enterprise? I must be watching the wrong film!
1:03:25 – Whenever someone says “The captain knows what he’s doing,” you have to think perhaps he doesn’t.
1:08:11 – I wonder that they don’t get a case of Chinese whispers sometimes, orders are repeated so often down the line.
1:18:57 – “…and I will have a pick-up truck.” Aspirations!
1:28:06 – This Russian chap has lied twice now. Politicians, eh?
1:30:37 – I’ve never been quite so glad for American patriotism that has their flag on their sleeve. Now I can tell them apart!
1:37:30 – Actual up periscope.
1:39:48 – Amazing use of morse code. I had no idea.
1:52:16 – Oh, they’re speaking Russian again now.
2:05:13 – Three way submarine war.


Overall, I enjoyed it, and it’s definitely sparked up my obsession with submarines again. I thought it got a bit confusing in places, and I did find it difficult to keep which submarine was which in my mind. I later read that they tried to make the interiors a different colour for each one, particularly in the three-way battle at the end. I didn’t notice that, so that didn’t help me! I thought the accents were weird – I get that they didn’t want to speak Russian the whole time, but then perhaps could have decided if they were going to attempt Russian accents or not?

Most of the film stood the test of time, except one particularly dodgy torpedo shot, and some awful green screen right at the very end. I think, on balance, I liked Crimson Tide better, but still liked this one plenty.

Rating: 3/5


  1. This is one of my all time favourite movies. I haven’t seen it in a while but I loved it the first time I saw it and I still do.

    On the Chinese whispers a long time ago I worked with someone who had been in submarines and had driven them if that is the term. The way it worked then was the officer in command would give and order and the ‘driver’ would repeat it to indicate that he had heard it correctly. On one nightshift(not the technical term) Ken was having a bad night and couldn’t get the sub to stay in a straight line and had repeated three commands incorrectly. After another change in direction the officer called down “One more turn and you are a defaulter”. A defaulter has to appear before the captain and will probably get some kind of punishment unless he has a good excuse. Ken wasn’t concentrating and had a guess at what the command was and replied “One more turn and we’re in Gibraltar?” Needless to say the next morning the captain had the pleasure of his company.


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