Film Watch – 344. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

honey-i-shrunk-the-kidsFast Facts

Title: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
Director: Joe Johnston
Year: 1989
Run time: 1hr 33m

Background Info

Part of me is a bit embarrassed that we watched this, part of me isn’t. We selected it from Netflix, because it was a Friday night and it had been a REALLY long week. Our brains were fried, we needed something that required little thought, little effort, and would just entertain us for a couple of hours.

Live Blog

0:40 – Cartoon credits are always a bit misleading when you’re not watching a cartoon.
4:15 – Love ye olde telephone wires that you get completely tangled up in.
6:44 – Within a very short space of time, I said “That’s Buffy’s mum!” and “That’s Big’s best friend!”
10:57 – That’s a cat clock in action, not just on Doc Brown’s wall. Love the 80s.
12:55 – This kid has created a supremely early version of the lawnmowing Roomba.
18:24 – I don’t smoke, so I wonder what other contraband I could put in my baseball cap.
20:00 – “Aren’t you in the wrong yard?”
23:20 – I just realised this is like the Borrowers.
27:04 – That was a muted kind of rage.
29:06 – It’d be quite amazing to experience life that small. Briefly. And without the terrifying bugs and stuff.
30:51 – I think my sense of direction would fail me though. I’d be going round and round the garden in circles. Like a teddy bear.
35:09 – No making fun of the people that can’t whistle!
39:59 – “There was a bee on me,” is a great excuse for stuff.
47:46 – So he’s found his calling in life, he can be a lifeguard.
52:54 – That kid is like a baby Sheldon.
55:49 – Bucking ant.
1:05:54 – Never ever ask that question. “What do you take me for? A complete idiot?”
1:08:19 – It’s a Lego!
1:13:24 – Do they have scorpions in back yards in America? Terrifying!
1:23:36 – Giant Cheerios!
1:27:25 – Hehe, there’s some pretty poor green-screening going on there.
1:30:28 – Woah, these end credits are the actual Simpsons theme tune.


It was actually better than I remembered it being, funny in places if naturally a little childish. I thought the effects, animatronic more than anything, held up really well – we just both had issues with the idea of an ant taking on a scorpion. I love the concept of giant stuff, it’s a bit of a contrived premise, but it’s a fun result nevertheless. I hadn’t remembered quite how gross the film is, lots of goo and falling in puddles and stuff. But there’s a happy ending, with all family issues resolved, so that’s good.

Rating: 2/5

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