Film Watch – 323. The Wedding Singer

the-wedding-singerFast Facts

Title: The Wedding Singer
Director: Frank Coraci
Year: 1998
Run time: 1hr 35m

Background Info

We’ve seen this one before, a lot. We both love it, a lot. Previously, it has appeared on the TV, and we’ve had to switch it off because it’s so good and distracting, nothing else would get done. It was a surprise to find that I hadn’t Film Watched it already, but a nice surprise, because it meant we could dedicate an evening to watching and laughing with Sandler at his best.

Live Blog

0:59 – Yes, wedding dancing!
4:38 – I’m liking the teal theme, but I don’t think it goes with pink.
7:57 – I forgot the sheer number of mullets in this film.
11:42 – “Doomed to wander the planet alone.” “Kind of like the Incredible Hulk.”
14:57 – It’s Monica’s mum!
18:24 – He’s like the nicest person ever. “That’s not nice… very creative though.”
21:37 – Actual red roses. People don’t do that so much these days, do they?
27:24 – The guy with the microphone has all the power.
31:17 – I never heard that Dallas reference before. Awesome.
45:06 – I wonder how many careers take off while someone is waiting to make it big in music.
46:58 – It’s just a little uneven…
52:00 – I’m wondering if Julia’s crazy pink wallpaper is an 80s thing or a Julia thing.
54:04 – He’s a bit tall for her.
55:14 – A brand new CD player for $700. Ah, the eighties.
58:46 – Julia Guglia.
1:01:22 – How have I never noticed his DeLorean?
1:06:25 – Getting paid real money as opposed to meatballs might be a start.
1:09:19 – “Oh god, she made me a present.”
1:13:45 – Not everyone has cold feet.
1:15:49 – It’s impressive that the moonwalk is still an achievement these days.
1:19:54 – I might start using “surely will” as an affirmative.
1:25:02 – Flock of Seagulls haircut!
1:28:02 – “See, Billy Idol gets it, I don’t know why she doesn’t.”


Oh, it’s just so good. Funny with a great story, and some moving sections as well. It’s odd and offbeat in places, without going too far. The characters are all well-done, lovely and/or hideous depending. The best thing about it is that even though we’ve each seen it a dozen times, there were still bits we picked up on that we hadn’t before. It just gets funnier each time.

Rating: 5/5

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