Film Watch – 305. Jumanji

jumanjiFast Facts

Title: Jumanji
Director: Joe Johnston
Year: 1995
Run time: 1hr 44m

Background Info

We were after something reasonably short to watch, and not at all taxing for the brain, and I suddenly remembered that this was on Netflix. Alright, I have a list, but whatever. Where Mr C has to educate me in films such as Terminator and Ghostbusters, I have some to educate him with as well. This is one of them.

Live Blog

1:00 – Somehow “don’t worry, it’s just a pack of wolves” isn’t actually that calming.
5:36 – That is one shredded trainer.
6:40 – Ye olde construction site in which a boy can just wanders about willy-nilly.
14:08 – “The game thinks I rolled.”
18:28 – Ice cream and bourbon is an interesting combination.
25:00 – It really bugs me that the poem doesn’t go all the way to the end. Token and turn doesn’t rhyme.
26:56 – Monkeys in the kitchen!
29:00 – Hehe, funny fake lion.
35:06 – Everything is going out of business, that is reminiscent of most high streets nowadays!
41:58 – Twenty-six years without plumbing would be quite hideous.
45:09 – Ah, I’ve realised why she’s annoying me. She’s talking to another Peter. If he says he hunches, I’ll die.
51:11 – As an anti-snake person, I can’t say I’m too fond of these sneaky vines either.
58:07 – “Everyone in this town has called me crazy, ever since I told the cops I saw you sucked into a board game.”
1:02:58 – Tracking them isn’t hard when there’s a great big hole in the wall.
1:05:18 – Why would you ever try and cheat a terrifying game like Jumanji?
1:07:41 – The CGI on the stampede is not as bad as I thought.
1:12:03 – That little kid is so clever, he had that all planned, Home Alone style.
1:23:11 – “You wrestled an alligator for me.”
1:26:55 – Oh god, being stuck in the floor when all this happens.
1:29:20 – This house was a really bad investment. Worse than the Money Pit.


The entire start of the film was a mystery to me – I had forgotten the 1960s stuff and assumed it began with baby Kirsten Dunst. I was impressed with the special effects, although they weren’t very consistent – some were great, some were awful, and some were in between.

Meanwhile, the story jogs along nicely after a bit of a slow start, there are some funny moments, and I quite enjoyed it. I didn’t like it as much as I remember doing so as a kid, but that’s age for you!

Rating: 3/5