Film Watch – 304. Short Circuit

short-circuitFast Facts

Title: Short Circuit
Director: John Badham
Year: 1986
Run time: 1hr 38m

Background Info

Suddenly, Johnny Five was available to rent on iTunes in HD, and that was our cue to watch it. I felt like I had seen the film before, but gradually we came to realise that I’d seen the sequel and not the first. I had no idea Steve Guttenberg was in it!

Live Blog

0:36 – Something tells me this won’t have aged well at all. It’ll still be awesome though.
2:39 – I can’t remember the last time I saw wild poppies.
3:45 – It’s like Robot Wars but on a massive scale.
10:35 – “Better get number five off that generator…” That’s a setup if ever I heard one.
15:32 – Cows!
18:11 – People don’t like it when you answer rhetorical questions.
23:36 – That lady has a pet raccoon. Weird.
24:23 – He’s that excited about going outside. He must get out as much as Mr C does.
28:01 – “We can get to know each other. Communicate. Input.”
34:57 – Jeez, if you learnt about the human race from television these days…
39:31 – “Error.”
44:09 – Hanging over the edge of a cliff is not a great defensive position to be in.
46:36 – “I am standing here beside myself.”
52:41 – Humming robot is cute.
54:40 – Dancing robot may be cuter.
1:03:06 – I think a pancake making robot would go down well in our household.
1:03:40 – Having said that, the robot cooks like Mr C does.
1:11:26 – The robot’s playing baseball. Who’s on first?
1:12:53 – He’s doing the commentary on his own escape. So cool!
1:20:27 – “Today, Crosby, today.” How quickly the robot picks up attitude!
1:26:45 – Robot high five.


I hadn’t quite realised the Fisher Stevens controversy going into this and only discovered it when noticing – “Hey, that’s the guy from Friends but… he’s not Indian.” So, there’s that aspect of it which is a little disconcerting.

Overall, though, the film is fun, the characters are kooky and the robot is über-cool. It’s amazing how quickly they can get you to care about a hunk of tin that was designed as a war robot.

Rating: 4/5

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