Film Watch Review – 251 to 300

A quick round up of the latest fifty films that we’ve added to our list. So far this year, it’s been quite slow on the film-watching front, although equally, there hasn’t been much coming out to rent that has got us particularly excited. There are heaps of old films we need to catch up on, but I’m not sure there are any major blockbusters that are floating our boat at the moment. We were spoiled with the Avengers/Batman moment, I think.

251. Jurassic Park 5/5
252. Days of Thunder 5/5
253. Stranger than Fiction 5/5
254. We Bought a Zoo 5/5
255. The Hunger Games 4/5

A great selection of firstly old, and then a couple of newer, films that we really enjoyed. Both Jurassic Park and Days of Thunder I could watch over and over.

256. Air Force One 3/5
257. Avengers Assemble 5/5

Mmm, superhero supremeness.

258. Scream 4/5
259. Men in Black 4/5
260. Lockout 2/5
261. Men in Black II 2/5
262. Spider-Man 3/5

Two films in a row that I’d forgotten were so bad. The “I hunch” thing has become a bit of a meme… in my own head.

263. The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists 5/5
264. Prometheus 1/5

Still makes me shudder just thinking about it.

265. Sunshine Cleaning 4/5
266. Spider-Man 2 3/5
267. Rock of Ages 4/5
268. Spider-Man 3 2/5
269. LOL 1/5
270. The Sting 5/5

After an eclectic mix of films, we followed up with an afternoon viewing of The Sting, one of my favourites that I imparted on Mr C – rather than the other way round.

271. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest 3/5
272. American Pie 3/5
273. American Pie 2 2/5
274. American Wedding 3/5
275. American Reunion 4/5

I still can’t quite understand how or why we binged on the American Pie series, but thankfully it seemed to get better as the franchise went on. We won’t be delving into any of the other side-movies, though.

276. Men in Black 3 4/5
277. The Amazing Spider-Man 5/5
278. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World 4/5
279. Ted 5/5

Another good selection and all reasonably new. I think we went against the grain preferring new Spider-Man to old. Ted was also quite controversial!

280. Brave 3/5
281. The Five-Year Engagement 4/5
282. Magic Mike 3/5
283. The Dark Knight Rises 5/5

Mmm, more superhero supremeness.

284. Dark Shadows 3/5
285. The Bourne Legacy 3/5
286. The Muppet Christmas Carol 5/5
287. Arthur Christmas 4/5

Two films that were okay, but we perhaps hoped would be better, followed by two kids movies that did hit the mark.

288. Get Smart 3/5
289. Ice Age 3/5
290. X-Men 4/5
291. Heat 4/5

I chose X-Men to foist on Mr C, he chose Heat for me. I quite like this sharing of recommendations. Also, Wolverine.

292. Total Recall 3/5
293. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End 1/5
294. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 3/5

The third film in the Jack Sparrow series is so bad, that we genuinely have no idea what it was about. The fourth was much better.

295. The Watch 2/5
296. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 3/5
297. Looper 4/5
298. Skyfall 5/5

Yay for James Bond. I loved this so much. Want to see it again already!

299. Lawless Unrated
300. Die Hard 2 4/5

Wrapped up the 300 with a bit of Bruce Willis, which you can’t really beat, can you?

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