Film Watch – 301. Taken 2

taken-2Fast Facts

Title: Taken 2
Director: Olivier Megaton
Year: 2012
Run time: 1hr 32m

Background Info

After watching the first one, I was surprised to see a second. I really quite liked the original – it was some mindless action with Neeson on gruff form – but I couldn’t see where a sequel could go. So, we were keen to watch it and find out!

Live Blog

1:47 – Interesting way of doing credits and story together. Can’t actually read them, as they’re flickering about too much though!
4:16 – “We will have our revenge.” The best sequels start like that, I’m sure.
6:42 – Tricky having a dad that used to be in the CIA.
9:18 – “I just want to feel normal, even if I’m just pretending.”
14:51 – I like how reasonable he always sounds, even if he’s not really.
17:09 – I don’t think I would want to take a CIA man by surprise.
20:32 – Uh oh, lens flare epidemic.
23:11 – What happened to that piano?
26:12 – I’ve forgotten his directions already. Right, something… a laundry… cab, something.
32:23 – Poor girl. De ja vu or what!
37:34 – If that was me, I would absolutely sneeze and give myself away.
45:23 – She’s thrown a grenade and stolen clothes. I’d say her dad’s a bad influence.
54:17 – Well, that’s genius. How does he think up this stuff?
57:03 – Big yellow taxi is not inconspicuous.
1:00:38 – “Do you know how to shoot? Then drive.”
1:10:23 – Lucky that busker sits there all day playing the same song.
1:17:24 – Ooh, hand to hand combat, eh?
1:20:51 – I wouldn’t have thought he was the bargaining type. Also, he’s totally talking himself out of a sequel.
1:24:11 – After that driving, I wouldn’t be surprised she’s passed her test!


Fun in places, but ultimately disappointing. It was noticeably tamer than the previous version – although in some senses that was a good thing! There was a lot less story, with the film sailing on knowledge of the characters from the first movie, and not bothering to expand on them at all. I liked that the daughter got to be a bit kick-ass rather than the one being abducted, but in the end, it was just forgettable.

Rating: 2/5

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