Film Watch – 284. Dark Shadows


Fast Facts

Title: Dark Shadows
Director: Tim Burton
Year: 2012
Run time: 1hr 53m

Background Info

I liked the trailer for this one, a bit of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton never did anyone any harm, and it looks so very Addams Family. We were feeling a bit action weary after the Batman film, so something a bit different was in order.

Live Blog

1:43 – Barnabus is an excellent name.
3:10 – Ooh, that’s a pretty nasty way to go.
6:07 – He jumped! Short film!
7:06 – Ooh, his fingers look like they are turning into scissors.
13:58 – 200 rooms! That really would be a pain to dust.
24:01 – Films always get a lot better when Johnny Depp turns up.
30:41 – Hehehe, a troll is very confusing.
34:19 – Secret bunker under the fireplace. Noted.
36:36 – Ohh, they made Johnny Lee Miller minging!
43:19 – “Get over it,” she says, after burying him alive for 200 years.
45:20 – “A curse takes devotion.”
50:25 – It’s Captain Birdseye!
1:01:08 – “Every year I get half as beautiful and twice as drunk.”
1:08:21 – Supernatural love, eh?
1:14:37 – You can’t call actual Alice Cooper a woman.
1:21:11 – You can catch being a vampire from a blood transfusion!
1:23:41 – The child is holding a pink stegosaurus.
1:32:55 – “Fire… murder… angry mob! Run!”
1:35:33 – Never has “nothing to see here” been less true!
1:40:59 – There’s always a werewolf.
1:42:30 – Ghost rage!
1:45:49 – Surely the curse should be broken if the witch is gone?


It got off to a bit of a slow start, but when it got going, it was fun. It really was just like the Addams Family, only a little bit less kooky and a bit more fish-out-of-water. Towards the end, both Mr C and I thought it went very Death Becomes Her and that made us want to watch that… but I digress.

Johnny Depp was good, and there were a few one-liners in there, but I thought it was going to be more funny than it was. Entertaining but not spectacular.

Rating: 3/5

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