Film Watch – 280. Brave


Fast Facts

Title: Brave
Director: Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman, Steve Purcell
Year: 2012
Run time: 1hr 33m

Background Info

I wasn’t totally convinced about this one from the trailer, but I was intrigued to see what Pixar would do with their first proper female lead, and where this story could go. I’ve not liked everything that Pixar has done but their strike rate is pretty good, so (mostly) always keen to watch a new one!

Live Blog

2:15 – Her hair is epic.
5:00 – Doing landscapes in animation seems a bit weird, but it works okay.
6:24 – “She doesnae doodle.”
8:27 – It’s all gone a bit Tom Cruise, climbing tall cliffs without ropes.
10:47 – What’s a collywobble?
14:37 – The King chap is enormous. His hand is bigger than the Queen’s head.
23:27 – Ooh, Highland games. Tossing the caber and some such!
31:59 – A touch of whimsy. Whimsy is a fabulous word.
34:21 – Why is there an American crow in ye olde Scotland?
40:57 – Don’t make your bear mother angry.
43:47 – A castle seems like a big enough place to hide in though.
45:19 – Those tricksy little brothers are super-smart.
48:29 – That’s a very expressive big ol’ bear.
50:33 – Cauldren based phone menus are most excellent. Vial 3.
1:02:33 – It’s weird that she keeps calling the bear mum.
1:07:42 – So… that’s a bear doing charades.
1:12:58 – Sturdy doors in them days.
1:13:59 – Hehehe, three little bears.
1:17:08 – Blimey, this is all quite dramatic.
1:18:25 – This is the second film in a row where I have to say: Bear rage!
1:24:35 – I have no idea what the final fable actually means.


I hadn’t realised there was a bear in this. That’s two bear films in a row! I loved most of the bear stuff, the feminine walk, the gestures, the communication, bear rage! Overall, though, I wasn’t totally convinced by the whole thing. It was good, a nice 90 minutes of entertainment, with a few laughs. There were bits that didn’t make much sense, though, and it all seems to hang on the magic – which is also very confusing. I liked it, but it’s not my favourite Pixar offering.

Rating: 3/5


  1. I seem to be one of the few who loved it rather than thought it just ok. It wasn’t as Hollywood Scottish as I had feared it might be.
    Things I loved: The three bear brothers, the Queen bear sounding like Chewbacca and the sheer perfection and attention to detail of Pixar animation. Running water on the stone castle walls, just… beautifully done

    pixar haven’t made a really good movie since cars… in 2006.

    The great thing about Pixar is that everyone has their own favourite and their films touch people in different ways.
    Saying that, WALL*E and Up are among the best, in my eyes


  2. Mr C

    The great thing about Pixar is that everyone has their own favourite and their films touch people in different ways.

    yeah, it’s not that.

    the first seven films, boom! amazing stuff, great writing, great characters, great pacing almost every one of those movies was perfect.

    the following six… meh. although toy story 3 was okay, it’s not a patch on 1 and 2.

    i just think they’ve lost whatever spark of genius i enjoyed at the beginning.


    • I think there was definitely something lost with the Disney tie up, but maybe there would have been no more films without it?

      I’m banking on the Monsters Inc sequel to bring things back around.


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