Film Watch – 278. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Fast Facts

Title: Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
Director: Lorene Scafaria
Year: 2012
Run time: 1hr 41m

Background Info

I love a good disaster movie, but this appeared to be something quite different. The disaster is unavoidable, so it’s about what you do in those last remaining weeks. So far, I’ve really liked everything I’ve seen Steve Carell do, and Keira Knightley can be good too, so I was keen to see how this one worked out.

Live Blog

1:32 – No Bruce??
2:57 – The “End of the World Awareness Concert”!
3:44 – See, you think, I wouldn’t go to work, heck no. But then… what if the world didn’t end?
7:42 – Excellent traffic reporting.
12:21 – Ooh, yes, eating whatever you want would be good. I think I would just eat for three weeks.
14:03 – He has pretty awful friends.
14:58 – Woah. I don’t have heroin on my bucket list!
18:43 – “It’s the end of the world and I’m still fifteen minutes late.”
21:35 – She has her shoes on the sofa. I suppose it is the end of the world but…
29:29 – It’s a bit concerning if you can’t give up your records even at the end of the world, but everyone has something I suppose.
33:34 – I like hiding in a hood.
40:11 – There’s a lot of Steve Carrell’s profile in this. He has a bigger nose than I realised.
43:14 – “Conga your way to a great time.”
50:29 – Hehehe, they got arrested.
56:52 – Mmmm, bunker.
1:02:42 – If that car is product placement, it’s not working because it’s ridiculous.
1:12:29 – Being English in America is a good excuse for not knowing geography.
1:16:59 – Beach would also be good.
1:19:51 – Calling the dog “Sorry” is genius but always going to create difficult conversations.
1:23:22 – Surely if there is an instrument you can’t duet with, it’s a harmonica.
1:27:44 – NASA sucks. One week out!
1:27:53 – Also, if it was the end of the world, I so wouldn’t switch to daylight savings.
1:34:41 – He’s so lovely.


I really liked this. There were a couple of quite significant plot holes, or at least plot questions, but it was still really good. Both parties acted well, and they had some good banter tonight. I read a review that said the ending was disappointing, but it was only going to go one way… and I thought it was quite sweet. It reminded me of the old couple in Titanic.

Rating: 4/5


  1. Mr C

    how in the hell was that plane ever going to get to surrey?! aside from some almighty stinking plot-holes, i really enjoyed this one.


  2. This film really annoyed me for one reason (and I should note that I haven’t seen it yet).

    The reason being that I wrote half a screenplay with this exact premise pretty much back in 2001!

    Mine was a guy lives in London with his family, his wife who is a scientist leaves him to go and live on a island in the middle of the pacific somewhere to research rocks taking their kids. He tries to get on with his life and has some years later even fallen in love, but suddenly a meteor is coming and the end of the word is unavoidable. He decides that with just a week to go he has to go and see his kids one more time. The idea was to make it funny, as he is hopeless but suddenly having to do things well beyond his natural ability like convincing somebody to let him take a boat out in high seas etc. But obviously touching. At the end of the movie he would make it to the island, see his kids one more time, and then the world would explode.

    Fun for all the family.

    I can’t quite tell if the world does actually end in this movie and obviously I should probably not know for when I see it.

    Anyway the point is… I should have got on with it when I had the chance!


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