Film Watch – 264. Prometheus

Fast Facts

Title: Prometheus
Director: Ridley Scott
Year: 2012
Run time: 2hrs 4m

Background Info

We’ve been waiting for this one for an age. Love Alien, obviously, and keen to see what a prequel had to offer. We watched one trailer a long, long time ago, and then avoided everything else so as not to spoil it.

Live Blog

1:29 – Yay, Guy Pearce in space again.
2:21 – These are beautiful shots, where are they??
4:59 – The man just melted. This is weird.
10:44 – Classical music and space go together very well.
14:29 – Man smoking on a spaceship. This is definitely related to Alien.
17:56 – My Rubiks Cube never did that. Holograms if you press the right buttons!
23:44 – “Woah, now that’s weather.”
28:05 – Their bubble heads seem massive, they keep bumping into each other.
31:37 – Those mapping pods are amazing.
39:58 – This is all quite freaky. I think I would have kept my helmet on, even if there was air to breathe.
46:49 – Random alien on a ship. I’ve seen this before!
51:19 – Ewww, why does space and aliens and that have to be so gungey?
1:00:16 – Accordion in space! The Captain is marvellous.
1:04:51 – Argh, I don’t like it.
1:08:37 – I want one of those red location scan thingies as a pet.
1:20:06 – This is all very disturbing.
1:20:22 – “I watched your dreams.” Potentially the creepiest thing you could ever say to someone.
1:22:39 – Why would Vickers have a medipod thing in her room that was calibrated just for men?
1:31:24 – She’s had quite a bad day. It’d be understandable if she’s lost her faith.
1:33:40 – That is not Guy Pearce hotness in space, that is wrinkly in space!
1:40:34 – The cyborg head only is much better in this than in the other film.
1:45:07 – The Prometheus ship has engines that change direction like an Osprey.
1:50:40 – How can David still be okay?
1:55:45 – Plus, she has nothing left to go back to earth for, seeing as her boyfriend got burned to death.


I did not like this at all.

The good first: I thought Fassbender did a great job – portraying a robot who shouldn’t have feelings but does is a sci-fi standard but his was very well done. I also enjoyed Idris Elba’s character a lot. The cinematography was great, and the CGI excellent.

The bad: I would have stopped watching halfway through if I hadn’t been with Mr C and thus compelled to get to the end. I couldn’t concentrate on the thought-provoking story because the rest of it was so disturbing. It was unsettling and creepy throughout, none of the characters were given any time to allow you to warm to them, and some of the gory scenes were frankly quite horrifying.

I didn’t get it and I didn’t like it. Plus Guy Pearce was old!

Rating: 1/5


  1. Mr C

    i’d give it two out of five, because the casting of a woman almost identical to sigorny was pretty cool. the story though was bag of s…. or more specifically a bag of damon lindelof s….

    that guy has got has to stop ruining things i like.


  2. It was pretty crummy wasn’t it.

    There were bits that I liked. I also thought Fassbender was really good. BUT HIS CHARACTER MADE NO SENSE!!!! (sorry about the capitals).

    The movie you should be avoiding all info about and watching it as soon as it comes out is Looper. Some people have a mixed view about it, but I loved it, and it’s Bruce Willis and Time Travel… Now that’s a Sci-Fi movie I can get behind!


  3. I think if it wasn’t connected to Alien I wouldn’t have liked it as much as I did. Lots of similarities and nods to that film. I found it quite intriguing and it asked a lot of questions that kept me thinking and doubting myself for an hour or two afterwards. I sometimes like a film to leave things open-ended. I do expect a sequel because it didn’t all make a lot of sense, feels like there’s something to follow which will fit in some missing pieces.

    I didn’t like the surgery machine scenes at all.

    Some of the characters could’ve done with more development (Elba was underused) and I didn’t understand the dude who ran away in the caves – scifi/horror cliche alert.

    Oddly enough I saw the landing-on-the-planet part yesterday when at Dad’s as he has it on Sky+. The acting and setting looked dodgier on second look.

    I heard the suggestion that Guy Pearce’s man was supposed to have been seen when he was younger, hence the make-up on a younger guy rather than just hiring an older actor, but then that whole segment got dropped. Maybe it’ll make the Directors’ Cut, Ridley Scott does like doing those. I thought the daughter was going to be a robot too.


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