Film Watch – 262. Spider-Man

Fast Facts

Title: Spider-Man
Director: Sam Raimi
Year: 2002
Run time: 2hrs 1m

Background Info

We’ve both seen this one before, but with the new Spiderman film rapidly approaching, we wanted to recap what had already been done – so as to more easily compare and contrast. I think I’ve seen the second one, but I don’t think I saw the third. We intend to watch all three!

Live Blog

1:00 – Credits that include lots of spider webs won’t intice the arachnophobes to the film. But then would they watch Spiderman anyway?
2:11 – Long ol’ credits.
4:17 – These people don’t even look like kids, they are far too old!
7:47 – He seems like a cool teacher.
9:19 – “Let’s go talk about how we listen.”
12:29 – Then the only possible option is to test it on himself! Obvs.
14:58 – I’m a bit worried that the spider is still out there. It could bite someone else.
21:47 – It’s like The Hangover… piecing together what happened the night before. Only in this case it was stealing gliders and killing people.
27:55 – He’s drawing an awful lot of attention to himself. Not very good at this secret identity business.
31:36 – “You’re taller than you look,” is up there with “Is it raining?”
38:21 – Oh dear. He landed on that table on his head. And this kind of wrestling isn’t pretend.
41:45 – I love how fickle the crowd are. Chanting Spiderman straight away. That’s my kind of crowd!
44:38 – RAGE!
46:01 – I’ve always wanted to know how his wrist knows to let go of one when he’s about to swing to the other.
54:43 – How does Spiderman find the people doing bad things? He doesn’t have that weird radar that Superman does, does he?
56:13 – There’s nothing quite like ye olde newspaper editor.
1:01:46 – I would watch a whole film about this newspaper man.
1:04:44 – Bonus Macy Gray!
1:09:54 – Jeez, MJ screams an awful lot.
1:17:46 – “In spite of everything you’ve done for them, eventually they will hate you.”
1:21:04 – He said the same words in Peter’s voice and she still didn’t flinch. Does she need a neon sign?
1:31:52 – Horrible yellow eyes, see, no good ever came of yellow.
1:36:19 – That’s an awesome evil laugh Defoe has. It’s like Thriller awesome.
1:45:41 – It’s true. This film does have some of the worst dialogue ever.
1:47:11 – More rage.
1:49:36 – In hindsight, that was a terrible plan anyway, because it always would have hit him even if it had hit Spiderman as well.
1:56:04 – Liiiiightbullllb.


I remember this film being a lot better than it was on a second viewing. The dialogue is shockingly bad, some of the worst I’ve heard in a long while. The acting leaves quite a lot to be desired, and given it’s age, half the CGI doesn’t really stand up to the test of time. But, that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it. It’s still a good, fun way to spend a couple of hours. It does make me nervous about the other two though!

Rating: 3/5


  1. Lukeh

    I have the achievement of seeing this film twice in the cinema and falling asleep at the same bit twice. Terrible film.

    Looking forward to seeing your opinion on Spidey 2, fantastic sequel!


  2. Lukeh

    Amazing! Which bit?

    When it gets towards the end and Willem Defoe is fighting Spidey in a run down building I believe, or it may have been the Green Goblin’s son. It was towards the end definitely, during a fairly high action scene too. I remember watching it on DVD and thinking they must’ve added it to the DVD version like a director’s cut but it turned out it was in the cinema version. It’s the only film I’ve ever fallen asleep to in the cinema.


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